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I see a hound in there...is that a bluetick/bluetick mix? =O I always wanted a bluetick or a redbone. X) I LOVE hound dogs. Love 'em.

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Rescued Blue Tick Coon Hound. Sweetest dog I ever met!!
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right on, they are so awesome! Eh, I suppose I like just about all dogs though. lol But there are a couple I'm more inlove with...rotties, pitbulls, briards, newfoundlands, already said hounds of all kinds really...:3 Bunch of mutts. Haha.

Ah, I'd take a new photo of me for you guys, but I'm going through something odd...I dunno if it's still an allergic reaction to my cory sting yesterday or if it's something else, but I look and feel like I've got the chicken pox. x.x Already had those, wouldn't it be just my luck to get it twice or have the other nasty that comes with it? @_@ Well, I'm completely covered from head to toe in very sore, itchy spots. T_T I thought my bad day ended yesterday, but nope! Hurt my back and turned into Spot. LOL Haha, oh well. I'll roll in calimine or however it's spelled and go to bed again, maybe it'll work this time!

My dog doesn't have it much better, he's had two surgeries in the last two months, one to fix his Cranial Cruciate ligament(it's like the ACL in a human leg), that he tore completely in half, most likely chasing a rabbit. x.x And today he got a tooth removed because he had a tumor growing on his left front canine on the top. We thought it was just on the skin, wasn't, took over his tooth and tried for the bone to boot, and we wont know what it was for a few weeks. =(

Oh wait, edit in here....this is how he looked a few days after his first surgery, we wanted to include him in christmas stuffs. ^^; I know, I'm so mean!

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HAHA! That poor puppy, he really HAS had a rough winter. . . so have you! I hope you feel better soon, Chicken pox is bad enough - SHINGLES is pure torture, from what I've heard. Lets just hope it's hives, that's more likely. . . I hope! Thanks for putting an end to the creeping! I think you're cuuuuuute! I took a few pictures of me - true self-portrait style. I could post 'em if it'd make you feel better. :)

Aaaah! Jakie, thanks for clearing that up! SOOOO many dogs! Gets my brain all confused! Cute ones, tho. :)
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HEY! I know what I can post - these are already uploaded, too! Bonus - no effort necessary ;) I had these AWESOME bugs in my yard this summer. . . they're called Oak Treehoppers and I've NEVER seen them before there were thousands on ONE branch on my Pinoak tree. . . REALLY neat-looking critters.

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Those bugs are awesome. I'd love to see more cool critters around here. Some are coming back, used to have a lot of wildlife before they started building useless giant parkinglots and tiny buildings people never go to...constantly open for rent. >_>; Problem is, I hate when people mess with them and put them in jars...I mean I do very rarely to relocate if they're in the house or something, or in the mantis case...never seen one, took a few photos and let it go without touching it much....but my cousin, she catches things and keeps them in jars until they die or mushes them on purpose, it makes me SO mad. <_<; So after the initial excitement of finding a cool critter, I get this horrible "Ugh, she's gonna find it and kill it. =-=" thing going.
The absolute worst one was finding a venomous snake and telling the kids not to go near it ever, they go hunting for it. @_@ I can't remember what it was, something that is usually not in this part of the state, but does live here and around the edges of it. I think it was a copperhead....So I went and scared the poop out of the little stinkers. Mean, but they didn't go doing that again. >_>; Kept them from a possible bite, it tried to get me and I was several feet away.
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Oh, this can easily turn into a pets thread. Lol

LOVE the ferrets. They are soooo cute. and Leo the cat is adorable.

Here's a couple silly pics of mine. Nikko the dog, and second pic is the cats. Sixx (on the left) and Clyde on the right.
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Jeaninel, it *can* turn into a pets thread, but I'll post BUGS and confuse you all ;)

Your pup is adorable! I have a SERIOUS soft spot for grey cats and tabbies, that 2nd picture is way too cute! look like they're playing peek-a-boo!
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Ugh, covered in spots. @_@ They hurt, they itch...they spread. Head to toe, literally. No joke. xD Maybe I'll take a photo and name myself Spot anyways. lol

Those are cute photos. I too like the cats wrestling. The tabby is holding his face like "Stop cleaning me!" That's what mine do anyway.

I have one of those as well, my cats always wrestle. Leo always like to clean Benni, Benni only lets him for a second before he tackles him or chews on him. I would LOVE to get a photo of them when Leo puts his paw in the middle of Benni's forehead and just leaves it there, pushing his head down....but they always move before I can. =( In this one Benni knocked Leo over, and Leo poked him in the eye. xD....Can't find the photo. x.x

Here are my two cousins. I sometimes call them nieces, sorry if I have and confused people. I was raised with their parents like siblings instead of uncles. ^^; My grandparents raised me, even I get confused on what they are sometimes. Oh yeah, the older one KNEW the little one wanted some...but no, she brought her OWN drink, the glares happened. It was EXACTLY like her mother and I were as kids. I was the younger glarey one, she was the older stinkerbomb. :3

This was the first time my cousin ever met a cat that actually liked her...and for good reason. >_>; Let's just say Leo never, ever forgave her. She trapped Leo two days after this photo was taken(This was their very first meeting), and beat him with a fly swatter. You'd think kids would know better at the age of four!! We only told her not to do that stuff daily, Benni hates her for the same reason. ^^; Well, kids are mean and some just refuse to be taught, she got in biiiiig trouble.

Oh yeah, this was the very first photo I ever took of Leo. The day I adopted him. All he'd do is sit in the window and cuddle. I remember I was a little intimidated when I brought him home, he was so big and I didn't know if anything would cause him to bite me or not. NOTHING could get him mad like that though, he follows me like a duckling and loves me. Grandma says he'd die if I ever left him. When I go somewhere, he sits by the door I left from and wont leave it, even to eat, drink or use the bathroom. He did this a whole 24 hours once when I stayed with a friend for a day. ^^;

Ah, well, Boomer may be a shaggy dog, but even he gets cold. lol

Oh yea, remember the part one and part two photos yesterday? Well, Boomer got payback.....Part one!

Annd part two. lo Yes, holy cow at that tongue, none of us knew it was like Kiss until this photol:

Benni's palmface...sorta:

Maggie and Boomer a couple years ago. I called this photo "Opposites attract"

And then not so much:

This was Maggie the day we rescued her. She was covered in dirt, oil and all around filth. I don't understand why the shelter didn't bathe her!

And this is her after I got finished with her. :3 Took about five rinses and re-scrubs. She didn't mind the bath though, long as it was. Although she did hear someone say food at one point and she tried to jump over me to get out...well, she missed and landed on my face. xD
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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if anyones having trouble finding out about broomation,have a try at googling
Brumation.....it's hibernation to you and me,probably something to do with the
lizards originating from Australia.
bert is 5 years old.he eats locus,wax worms,meal worms,morio worms,lettuce,
mixed greens,he has two sets of lights,UV,and heat lamp,he'll sit under the heat
lamp in the morning then the Uv in the afternoon,his food is dusted with vitamins,
and he has a bath a couple of times a week,i pray he goes to the bathroom at this
time,as he can stink out the living room otherwise (sorry TMI )
he will automatically literally sleep on the spot where he is when the lights get turned off,which can involve me moving him sometimes in case he falls,he likes to climb !
his vivarium measures in at 4x2x2ft nice space to charge about in.

have to say i'm loving all the pets,and especially the bugs !
i adore kids too,i now have 5 grandchildren,and i'm plenty happy about that
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when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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