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This is a discussion on other hobbys within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Originally Posted by Clubber I remember Jake "The Snake" Roberts and his python snakes he'd bring to the ring. When he turned heel (bad ...

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Originally Posted by Clubber View Post
I remember Jake "The Snake" Roberts and his python snakes he'd bring to the ring. When he turned heel (bad guy) he started bringing a king cobra to the ring and once when he had Randy Savage tied up in the ring ropes, he released the cobra on him and it bite Savage's arm. It had it's fangs sunk deep in and there were bite marks once the snake was finally pulled off him. It definately had to be de-venomised but they acted like Savage was really poisoned by it! That's cool you two traded snakes lol.
That was a 9 ft. King Cobra. Jake paid me $400.00 to drive it to the vets in Catskill Ny. to be de-venomized and pick it up. Here is the thing, When I got the snake, it was in a 55 gal. plastic garbage can with the lid duck taped shut. I was told-" under no circumstances was I to open that lid". Well, Yep, I did. I was only going to take a peak but he got his head out the very second I raised the lid. Well, he got out in my 12ft. x 12ft room and being that the only other snakes that I had were only 4 ft. long, my snake hook was WAY TOO SMALL. I was just about pooping in my pants. I will never forget how my knee caps actually shook up and down. I was never so scared in my life. That snake raised up 4 ft. high and spread his hood and I used the garbage lid as a shield. Well, my first instinct was to shoot it but I figured Jake would shoot me. Well, I had the little snake hook in one hand and the garbage lid in the other.As the King lunged at me, I swear it was only through luck and the grace of God that I managed to knock him back with the lid and pin his head with my little snake stick then I quickly grabbed him by the back of the neck and I couldn't believe that I had him totally secured. I was happier than a pig in you know what. I gave it a kiss on the back of his head and I'll never forget, my exact words were," now I got you, you bastard" LOL!! and then got his body in the garbage can and then basically threw his head to the bottom as I put the lid on. That duck tape went on faster than you could blink your eye.
He also paid me to have one of my monocle cobras de-venomized and he used it to chase Elisabeth around at her wedding. I'm not a wrestling fan so I didn't see it on TV untils years later, I found out a friend of mine taped it and gave me a copy. It was pretty cool.

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