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Need to make $100 for an ipod touch

Ok, so I'm really excited about the new 4th generation ipod touch that just came out, and none of my friends have it. I have never had an ipod exept for an ipod shuffle I got for Christmas a few years ago. I found it just about useless without a screen, and the whole "shuffle" thing didn't work out like I thought it would. So, now I'm going to get a 32gb 4th generation ipod touch. The problem is, I'm $100 short. I actually do have $100 more and then some, but that's in a stock account and I need all the money I can get in that. Unfortunately, I didn't get accepted for my job application to the local ice cream shop at the beginning of the summer, so all of my money came from grass cutting. That actually pays really well, at least at the beginning of the summer. All in all, I made about $700 over the summer, which I was planning on putting toward big purchases later on, like a car and gas for the car, and flight school. Unfortunately, once it wasn't worth it to walk around the neighborhood with my lawnmower and ask people if they wanted me to cut their grass, I stopped, and so did the money. I stored most of it in a bank account before I could go crazy and spend it all, but now I have exactly $200 that won't survive to the car... but I can get a job next summer. Or cut grass and get past that $1000 mark that I've never gotten to. So fortunately about $575 is safe in the bank and stock accounts, and with a recently found stash of money in my desk, I have accumulated the $200 I just mentioned. My parents are unwilling to help pay for it, so I'm on my own. I'd like to know if there's anything I can do that can get me $100 in a week or less... any suggestions? And please don't say ask 5 people for $20... somehow I don't think that will work.

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Go back to lawnmowing. You know that's been productive in the past. What about other gardening? Do you know a weed from a daisy? If so, you could offer to do some weeding. Dog walking? Are you familiar with dogs and know how to handle them? Car washing/window washing....

But, I wouldn't buy the iPod if I were you. Chances are it won't be that much better than the one you've got already got and you'll be disappointed with it. Save for the car.
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Originally Posted by tanker View Post
Save for the car.

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be a stand in date. i bet you'll get the 100 bucks on the first date. joking =)

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Hopefully it snows where you live so you can shovel in the winter. I work in IT, have an iPod, iPhone and iPad(just got it last night). Consider this. A lot of electronics have some glitches when they first come out. So maybe you should wait like a month before you buy it. Yea everyone wants stuff the first day. I waited 5 hours in line for my iPhone 4 and now look it has antenna issues.

So maybe wait a month until it comes out to make sure there is no issues. Not only will this allow you more time to come up with the $100, but it will allow you to read actual reviews of the new iPod before you buy it, to make sure it's actually worth the money.
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Have someone pay you to detail there car? I got $100 from detailing my mothers durango, inside and out. Price varies from the size of the car and what all you can do. It takes a few hours at least though. especially depending on the dirtiness level. The durango was pretty awful. Shampooing the carpet took 5 gallons of water and it all came back looking just as black and icky as the water you use to clean that overdue filter. Vacuumed twice. Stripped the leather and reconditioned, wiped down anything and everything. Then washed the outside.

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Hmm I don't suppose you can donate plasma until you're 18, I reckon. What about babysitting?

I'm with the others, though; saving for the car sounds like the best plan. Think of it as a rolling sound system and it'll be that much more motivation! Plus, you can get a pretty sweet ride for not much more than an iPod, really. Heck, my current car is this beast:

(Not actually my car, but the same color, year, make and model - 1988 Nissan 300zx). I only paid $900 for it and it only had about 90k miles on it when I bought it.

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