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Never saw the movie. I don't know.
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Ok I personally like both your boats and the one you're thinking about getting. Why not sell the smaller of the two you already own? I know you don't really want to, but it might make more sense in the long run. You'd still have a big one and a small one then and the small one would already be "done" regarding work. It's just a thought.... :D

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Well, the "big" boat is on Lake Erie. I do alot of cruising and walleye fishing from that boat. It is a "higher class"boat also, The "new, old boat. will become the boat that I take to local reservoirs and enjoy the waters there. I also have a 14' aluminum fishing boat that I knock around rivers and small ponds and lakes that prohibit the use of larger boats. Many have horsepower limits and are "no wake" lakes. The old classic would be a "parade" boat and only come out for special occasions such as "aquatic parades" and such on the lakes. Kind of like having an old classic car, not something you drive everyday. Besides, I've always wanted one just like that one.
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You can't sell the big one :) It's too pretty!!!!

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I made a mistake on the price of the wooden boat. Only $18,000. Better than $24,000 any day.
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GeegaFish's Avatar that it! I just love being on the water and fishing and keeping fish. I know what you mean about the limitations on boats and HP for different waterways. We have a wide body canoe that lets us access some good fishing spots. No $ right now for anything deluxe (ie. with a motor). :D Someday.....

It is fun to have toys and they all have their separate uses!

"One fish, two fish, blue fish."
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You Guys that love boats should check and out.

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Well, I'd hoped to get the "new, old boat" wet this year. I have rethought my thinking. It still may happen, but, being somewhat of a perfectionist, I have decided to shoot for next spring. As I said, it may still happen this year, but the boat would not be repainted. I have yet to buff out the gelcoat to see what condition it is in. If it is in decent condition, and can last a couple of years, the boat gets splashed this year. If not, well, there's next year. I just hope the weather holds out. I still have to refinish the pulpit and the swim steps. Then I'll be done with the woodwork.

Gauges have been replaced, stereo installed, GPS installed, trailer tires replaced, lights fixed or replaced, refrigerator installed, plumbing fixed, new power inverter installed, head replaced, grill purchased, new Bennett trim tabs installed, oil changed, filters changed, new faucet in the galley, and inside cleaned. Trailer will be painted when the boat is in the water and not on the trailer.

By the way, with gas prices on the lakes being $4.35-$4.50 a gallon, I think I'll start a fund for those who would like to donate to the "herefishy's boat gas fund". All donations would be rewarded with an empty beer can(Coors Light) or Jim Beam bottle as a souvenir. I've got plenty of empties in the trash can on the boat at the moment so supplies should last. Empty 2-liter Diet Coke bottles available on request.

Almost as much fun as waiting for your tank to cycle.
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Sounds like it's coming along nicely. I'd love to see pictures of it out on the water, even if it doesn't happen until next year.

From that update, I had a horrible vision of a man drinking Jim Beam mixed with Diet Coke. Please tell me that you don't allow such a thing to happen. No bourbon (or any sort of whisky) should be treated to such abuse.

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