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Originally Posted by zof View Post
If you want to get really creative then heres an idea for you;

Charge $.50 a gallon (minimum $5 a week)

And for that price they get their weekly water change and they join your fish exchange (must be a weekly active member)

One of the reasons people become neglectful is because they get bored of their tanks because they always look the same, so in this fish exchange they have the option of switching the fish in their tank once a month for fish you have in stock if they want it. Also if they so wish you can completely switch out their aquarium decor to something new every week when you do the water change.

This adds excitement and value for the price you charge so they are much more likely to pay it, plus this way you can make sure the fish stay in good health and keep people from over stocking or putting to big of a fish in a small tank. Of course this probably means you will need to keep more tanks to hold the extra fish but I'm sure you wouldn't mind that as you sound like a fellow addict. Once you get a base of stuff and fish its just all about rotating everything between peoples tanks. If a fish dies while someone has it then tell them they will need to get another from a pet shop to stay in the exchange (so you don't get stuck with that bill).

You wont make a fortune but it will be a nice little source of income.

Fish exchange is quickest way I know to cause stress to fishes = sick fishes, and possibly spread afore mentioned Disease,parasites,etc across several tank's.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Maybe 5 bucks a month to clean a bowl once a week... or should they be done more? I don't use Betta bowls... too small for my liking.
Do you have a sense of what your student "clients" have in their rooms? is it really Beta Bowls or 10 gal tanks?
As for cross contaminating. I'm assuming if the student has a bowl/fish in his/her room they also have some form of supplies to clean said tank? You can have a box/$1store bucket/cupboard that has supplies in each person's room that stays with that tank. Other than that really bad tank, most owners care and should have some supplies on hand don't you think? I don't think that is asking too much.
I have RED buckets for my fish and god help anyone who uses my red buckets for anything!!!!!!
Start up fee? to cover a bucket and supplies for each new client that stays in each dorm room? Just brainstorming ideas. I'm self employed and we SE peopled think way different than big business since we hold every position in the company! LOL

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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Most people with Bettas have bowls, and the largest tank I've seen up here is a 10 gallon, though I'm sure there's a 25 around here and there. The people with tanks usually keep them very clean, and I'm assuming they have their own supplies. if not, it's not the end of the world. I'm very good about cleaning my equipment. I use scalding hot water to clean the siphon, net and the cup I use to transport water.... Lord help anyone who ever drinks from that cup XD I clean it well, but still....
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Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
Fish exchange is quickest way I know to cause stress to fishes = sick fishes, and possibly spread afore mentioned Disease,parasites,etc across several tank's.
True about disease but after a couple of moves the fish should get use to it (well not get use but tolerate it better) and we are talking about alot of people who get bored easily of their fish anyways and alot are one step from being flushed down a toilet alive anyways.... living in a college dorm is not the ideal situation for any fish (given the mentality of alot of young adults)
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Most people take very good care of their fish, other than the one exception, which was a result of overfeeding. It's not so much of people getting bored, as it is people getting too busy. So far I have 3 people asking me to clean their Betta Bowls and tanks.
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Sorry I just realized how negative that came off, I shut my mouth now! :-X
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Just did my first commercial Betta bowl cleaning. My friend and I made a deal: I clean the fish bowl, she lets me use her printer. XD good deal. Printing is expensive here. I usually pay her to print XD. I have 2 more also to do in the next couple days. Of course, I al cleaning my equipment. I soak it in hot water for about an hour... like, burn your flesh off hot water XD
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