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post #11 of 16 Old 08-18-2006, 07:41 AM
Does yours bit alot? I have the same breed but an older male, who will bit my kids and sometime me. So I'm probaly going to get rid of it if it doesn't stop.
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Oceane - Alex is very social. When she's in her cage she's always trying to get my attention, and she loves to come out and play with me and fly around the house and poop everywhere :P She loves to sit on my shoulder while I do stuff and she's always trying to get in on the action. For example if me and my dad start goofing off, Alex runs back and forth in her cage flapping her wings and squaking.

Usmc - Alex used to bite constantly when she was young, and it drove me crazy. I dreaded taking her out of her cage. But she's pretty much grown out of it. She rarely bites anyone now. Unless someone (other than me) puts their hand in her cage, then she will bite them. She's protective of her cage, but she's fine with me putting my hands in there and messing around with her. How old is your lovebird? Do you know for sure that it's a male?
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My wife has looked everywhere on the net about them and by what everything is saying its a male but thats all we have to go by. I say he's about a year now. All he wants to do with me is cuddle or prun me. Everyone else he'll bit, he has bitten me before and that really hurts.
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Yeah same here. When I first got Alex I named her Alex because I thought it was a male. That is untill she laid an egg, lol. You can have your bird sexed, its only like $25 or so depending on who does it. You just pluck a feather or two and send them to someone and they tell you if its male or female.
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What a cute little bird! I work in a pet store part-time and am getting acquainted with the birds there: there is a gorgeous African Grey parrot that I would love to have, but he's so expensive! My daughter has been asking for a bird (she's almost 16); we're thinking of one of the green conures, they are very sweet, too. I love to play with them when I am at 'work', lol. :)
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awww... I love when animals are affectionate like that. my ferrets have started to be at the point where they will answer to their name. abby will bounce around and interact with me. jasmine will let me hold and cuddle her.
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