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Mechwarrior/Battle Tech/RPG games

I played them long ago and was looking for some advice on which one to get next. I think the last one I played was Mech Warrior 2 without any expansions.

I have looked at Mech Warrior 4 and it looks good but I really want one that has a lot of interaction and technical stuff like targetting and fine tuning the mechs. One with a lot of control of the action and one where there is a lot to do as far as managing the mechs.

Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a good RPG game similar to Lords of Magic that has a higher level of detail for managing the battles and earning money for the Kingdom? I only have the original LOM with the upgrade so maybe all I need is the later editions but I would like ideas for other games similar to it.
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Skip Mechwarrior 4. I hated that game. Mechwarrior 3 is *much* better. Four was just...bleh...less customization and much slower yet less strategic combat. The Armored Core series also offers a lot of highly customizable mech combat. The earlier games came out on Playstation, then there were a bunch on PS2, and Armored Core 4 is now out on PS3 and Xbox 360. Chromehounds is made by the same studio and offers some really strategic online mech action on the Xbox 360. If you own an original Xbox and can track down both the game and the required, massive controller, Steel Battalion is awesome. You can't turn corners too fast or you fall over, you have to turn on the wipers for rain and mud, you have to eject before the mech explodes or your character dies....very, very detailed game.

If you're looking for turn-based fantasy-themed strategy with RPG elements, the Heroes of Might and Magic series is really good. The third game is just plain fantastic.

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Cool, glad I asked before buying. All the games I am looking for are PC. I don't have a big enough house for every game system out there and most that I want to play come out on PC anyway.

Thanks for the info. If oyu have any others for me to check out, let me know.
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