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Kinda annoyed....

So my neighbors have a lot of dogs and they take pretty good care of them all, but the problem is, they just let them run loose sometimes. They come down and terrorize my dog who gets freaked out if they come over. (understandably) So yesterday we (my dog goes everywhere with me, he's a service dog in training) came home and and there are FOUR dogs in our yard! Two labs (one of which is the most obese dog i've EVER seen mostly because her owner thinks she's "Cute" when she's "Chubby" and one is an intact male) and a Saint bernard and a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy! (I'm guessing he's a new addition, cause I've never seen him before) So, I'm not comfortable walking my dog into the house with these dogs roaming around our property, and I'm pretty sure my dog has gotten worms from them last summer, cause they poop on our property too. So, I have to wait in the car for like 10 minutes until they go home. I was just really tired and didn't want to deal with it...

Agh, anyone else have irresponsible dog owner neighbors?

I mean, am I over reacting? It doesn't seem that way to me, because they shouldn't be letting their dogs run loose in the first place. I swear, one of those dogs is going to get hit by a car one day too... and it breaks my heart to think of that.

Ok, I'm done. Thanks for listening. :)

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Have you tried going and talking to them about it? Or call your local dog control and make a complaint, they go and tell them that the dogs have to be chained up. When I had to do it they didnt take any of my info, keeps tention down that way

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Do tou have a leash law where you live?
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I highly doubt it... I don't even think we have animal control around here.. LOL

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Isn't there a limit to the amount of dogs you can keep?

But that would drive me crazy! Your neighbours need to respect other people's property. Go have a talk to them about it, or see if your parents can.

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just talk to them calmly. I live in Texas and we have a law here where if a dog is not on a leash, and someone feels threatened by the dog, you may shoot or defend yourself against the dog. I dont think i have the stomach to something like that :S but if its violent then of course i have to do what i have to. But like i said that Texas so whom knows.

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my grandfather lives in bellgardens and practically everyone (but him) lets their dogs run loose all over tarnation IMO its dangerous i've seen plenty of court episodes where someone got bit by a neibors dog or the dog attacked/killed a pet etc. or even sadder the dog could get ran over =( you could call law inforcment over here it's still kinda veiwed as tresspassing and of course they think of you and your dogs saftey and will talk to the owner for you and if they keep letting it the dogs can be confinscated you can also see if theres a shelter like seaaca nearby they will collect animals you "find" i kno its harsh but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (im venting a bit here too =P)

also here in california you are only allowed up to 3 dogs and or cats per household ie: 1 dog 2 cat 1 cat 2 dog etc. and all dogs are required to be on leash when off your property

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We've been having trouble with my new neighbors. Their house is so small, like a one room house (cottage-like) and they had a huge 100 pound Akita. Then they decided to get him a friend and bought a female Akita which is huge now. They both work all day, literally 7-5 and they leave the poor dogs out all day long. Even in the pouring rain! Why have dogs if you constantly want them outside? Recently the male has gotten loose and we have smaller dogs so we're worried about them. My moms first Yorkie was killed by an Akita so we're very wary of the breed.

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Originally Posted by truthequalslies View Post
also here in california you are only allowed up to 3 dogs and or cats per household ie: 1 dog 2 cat 1 cat 2 dog etc. and all dogs are required to be on leash when off your property
It all depends on the particular California city ordiance. They would toss me out of your city. I have three dogs and two cats!
Where I live you are allowed four dogs, and there isn't an ordinance on the limits of cats one can keep. Sounds like I need one more dog! :)

PS. I don't allow my dogs off leash when we are out and about. Horribly irresponsible for a city dweller.

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Yeah, I'd definitely talk to them or have your parents do it. That would be annoying.

In my village, most people luckily keep their dogs in fenced yards or on chains. No limit on pet number either.

My dog is special and likes to have a leash on even when he doesn't go anywhere. And sometimes he even "walks" himself by holding the hand loop in his mouth. :P Gosh, he's so weird.
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