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Killer whale kills... again

Killer whale kills trainer at Orlando's Sea World; whale Tilikum linked to two other human deaths

I'm not sure what to think. It's sad for the trainer and her family. Yet we humans enslave wild animals and are appalled when they do what they do. Lesson learned... Don't keep fish bigger than you. (shrugs)

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People have a tendency to forget that they are wild animals.
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I was frustrated by the story. They made it sound like part of the show, but in fact it happened before the show opened. The crowd showed up and the man was already in the pool dead. It wasn't like the kids had to sit there and witness this horrible killing.

In any case, it isn't much different than a million other situations in life. A college basketball player in division II passed out and died on the ball court last weekend. Nobody even talked about it.
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I don't feel sorry for them; you have that kinda job -anything handling wild caged up animals - you gotta deal with the risk IMO. Don't get this wrong it won't make it any better for the family I know and I'm not cold hearted by all means but really what do you expect when caging up wild animals!?

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I agree with you, Mean Harri...though I feel bad for her family. At least she was doing something she enjoyed and knew that it was a risky job.

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And my personal opinion is that marine mammals don't belong in captivity, period.
I feel badly for her family but she was doing what she loved.

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They should just let the whale go and do what he was put on this planet to do. Be a whale in the ocean.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Makes me really mad.... it will make me even MORE mad if they kill him. That would be totally unfair to Tilikum.

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They ought to release him back into the ocean.
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While I was reading this, it popped up on the news. This is the first I've heard of it. I feel so bad for the family, but people need to realize that wild animals are just that, wild. They think that if they bring them up from birth they won't attack people...WRONG. They're still born with all of their instincts. One hard lesson that I've learned working with horses is no matter how broke they are, they still have that flight instinct. It might not be safe to send him into the wild though, has he been brought up since he was a baby? Sometimes once they're with humans too long, they can't send them out to the wild because they probably won't survive.

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