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Just watched the movie Hachi

It was such an amazing and heartbreaking movie. When I came home I made sure to hug and kiss all of my dogs. I watched it at work (my jobs very boring) and I couldn't stop sobbing. Thank god no customers came in.lol It's a true story and they made a plaque of him right where he waited all of those years for his master. Here is the plot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachi

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Awww that's a beautiful story...
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post #3 of 14 Old 04-15-2010, 07:43 AM Thread Starter
I sobbed so hard I got a headache.lol It was like the movie My Dog Skip which was SO sad.

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I don't know if I've seen My Dog Skip, but it sounds very familiar to me... I love movies like that, they touch you really deep down.
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I cried like a baby during Marley and Me. Even though Marley was a bad doggy, my heart still broke.
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I cried in the book..I've never seen the movie. I was howling when I got to the end of the book though, because Marley was a big adorable goofball...
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wow what a beautiful and sad story.
and that's just reading the wickie link.
i think there was something like that in Wales with a sheep dog.?

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I did the bad thing and watched Marley & Me about a week after we put my first dog down. I was crying like a baby.
I always loved My Dog Skip as a kid.
I'll be sure to check this movie out. Although I'm sure I'll be crying too.
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I read the Wiki of it... what an amazing, sad, story!!! :(

I read Marley and Me and I was crying so bad by the end... Marley was SO much like my old dog. Not sure if I can watch he movie yet..

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yeah its a very sad movie... everyone was crying! the whole cinema was in tears.... that was kinda funny though.... ppl went to the loo just to get tissues!

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