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Thanks guys. I was just so frustrated because I've never dealt with parasites before and I can tell he's very uncomfortable and I hate seeing him like that. I was confused as to why no one else would give me advice because I doubted I was the only one that's had to deal with this. I understand that if you don't know the answer, you don't say anything and I'm not mad at those people. With any pet, you don't want anything bad to happen to them and not getting different opinions when I wanted to act fast to clear it up made me really upset. I love this forum and I love helping people. Maybe I just need a couple days to cool off. Thank you for your kind words.

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Im very sorry that you feel this way!! i have read several of your posts on here helping others and you are a very good attribute to this forum and i would hate to see you go. I do agree with the others in regards to not posting if you dont have anything beneficial to contribute....i have joined several other forums and this is the ONLY one i return to on a regular basis because everyone here is, to me, much more willing to help. I had a situation with one of my cichlids and posted a thread that no one answered...after 24 hours of waiting i PM'ed a user directly for help and it was answered almost immediatly. Again, hat to see you go....take a few days to unwind and hope to see you back!!

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I think we've all been in the same position you're in. When I can't get particular answers that I need from our members, I try to pull up a search here to see what's been done in the past.

All in all, it's been extremely helpful to me whether in the form of a direct answer from someone or what I came up with by searching the threads.

I know you're frustrated but don't take it personally. Sometimes, it's just good to know that the majority of people on this forum are willing to help even if they can't help at the moment.

I had to euthanize my first fish yesterday and was pretty skeeved out about having to do it. I didn't get a ton of people telling me how, when, which method. I just needed to know if I was doing the right thing. The good people that replied to me understood what I had to do because they've been there - done that. Sometimes all you'll get here is confirmation that you're doing your best or sympathy when things aren't going well. That's pretty good on it's own.

Now go punch your pillow and come back when you feel better :)

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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I'm so sorry about your fish Romad! That must've been so hard to do. :( I'm dealing with a lot right now and having Eclipse sick is the icing on the cake. :( I'll take a couple days off and get everything righted and come back.

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Good plan!!! So sorry about Eclipse! Hope he's better soon.

Go outside and scream. :) Then go inside and take a deep breath and then sigh... :D

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I'm crossing my fingers for Eclipse. I hope he gets better.

Hug ()

Keep us posted.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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I agree with what everybody said... we don't always know the answer - and it's a waste of time to post something if it is not helpful to your topic. I think unregistered members read those posts too...so I don't think it's always "registered" members reading. It could be that people who aren't active or are new are looking in your topic hoping maybe it has an answer to the same problem they are having.

I really hate to see you go, but remember: sometimes you have to be persistent. Post if you see nobody answering you... bump it back to the top. I think we can all say that situation has happened to us before... where we post and it gets lots of views, but nobody answers.

And I am sorry about Eclipse. Taking a few days off may be good for you :) We all need a break sometimes.

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Thanks. He's just getting worse and he won't even come up to get the food. I noticed that Pinto has it, but his stomach isn't as big and Fantasia has a little bump. Maybe I'm just being paranoid now, but Kelly said that I should treat all 19. This nightmare has just gotten worse. :(

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I'm sorry to hear about your fish- I understand the frustration of not knowing what's wrong or what to do. I've had the same problem of others not posting on my threads, but it's all about how often others check it or if they even know what to do.
I have never owned a betta fish until this past December, so I feel like I can't help anyone with their problems unless it's something as simple as ich, only because I've had other fish that have had that.
Hopefully you decide to stay, as it will be sad to see you go! [I lurk a lot of others posts and I've noticed you posting a lot]
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