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Wink If life was like facebook....

I need to get one more thing of my chest before I lay my head to rest.....

Wouldn't it be nice if sometimes, just sometimes life could be a lil more like facebook....

Where I can chose: do I only wanna hear the "status" from people around me or the WHOLEEEE live feed too
Where I can simply BLOCK certain applications and thing I don't like
Where I can just like that, take people OFF my list and be DONE with them

Or where I can hug people no matter how far away they are......

Wouldn't it be nice.......

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Facebook will be life in like 20 years.
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And everyone will have Farmville.

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I have a new facebook rule: If I wouldn't say hi to you if I ran into you at Costco, then I'm un-friending you from facebook. Too much clutter.

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That is such an excellent rule, StephanieLeah. I have thought about doing that myself. It's become more than just a way to keep in touch--there's too much socializing now to just be friends with every random person you might have had biology class with however many years ago.
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If life was like facebook I would walk off the edge of the earth. Facebook, Myspace, crap. It is some of the most idiotic stuff I've ever seen. I tried Myspace for about a month. The entire concept is dumb. And farmville. *Harri walks away from the keyboard shaking his head. no comprende why people play that. Thank God for Eve-online.

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Am I the only one who doesn't use farmville? I actually hate it lol. But everybody on my list has it. However, I do really like the "Where I can chose: do I only wanna hear the "status" from people around me."

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Hahaaa! My brother plays Farmville.
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I wouldn't even know about Farmville, as I blocked it as soon as I saw it for like the 15th time on my status updates in a single day.

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I feel dumb because I didn't realize I could block it. *runs to FB to block the offending app*
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