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Yeah, I'm still sleeping at 7:00a.m. My petsitting job doesn't start until noon.
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I haven't tried anything that I like yet-plus I have no tolerance for it, lol.

Puck (Yellow koi HM king) / Scar (White HM) / Salt 'n Pepper (Silver HMPK) / 'That fish' (Copper butterfly HM) / No name (White DT) / No name 2 (Turquoise/white marble HM) / No name 3 (Lilac HM)

Bo Peep (Cambodian VT) / Goldilocks (Yellow VT) / Joie de Vivre (Multicolour VT) / Lil' Peep (Blue VT) / No name (Dalmatian VT) / No name 2
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I don't care for beer either. I like mnargaritas. lol
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This is a pretty great site, I can't believe I have never seen it before...I was a moderator on a different Betta site that went down for unknown reason to me...anyway...being a computer challenged person...lol....and it was kind of a good thing as this site is much more busy and it has more than just bettas and I like that aspect....I love the betta species but I also keep plants and other species, the natural planted tanks and lots of folks here with planted tanks with like mind set too....which is great in my opinion...lol.....I am a plant pusher....lol....and being a naturalist I found lots of folk here that follow that method too........and the people here are really nice and real.....and have a passion for what they do and believe in.........

And speaking of folks that feel the computer and internet are a waste of time...well that is my hubby...lol....he thinks they are evil.......funny though he will ask me to look thing up for him all the time. but won't turn the thing on himself or try to learn anything on or about it.......being of an older generation I guess..........and I am older than he is......younger men...lol......

But I do agree this is a pretty awesome site, I am still learning the in & outs....but I catch on pretty quick........I am house bound due to disability now so I have lots of time when I am not sick...plus I enjoy helping other...kinda instinct from 30y in the medical field and teaching and being in this hobby for over 30+ years on top of that.....lol......love sharing with others....the mind set of "see one-do one-teach one" and it will stay with you forever.......

Gotta push or encourage this awesome hobby and help other learn more about it and stick with it.......its good for your health and soul......
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
My brother loves it, too. These are people that don't drink your run of the mill beer. They drink beers from all over the world. A lot of these beers you sip, like fine wine.
Amen to that! Ratebeer is one of the two big beer sites (the other being Beer Advocate). I like BA more as the reviews are more in-depth than the reviews on Ratebeer tend to be, but the Ratebeer site has a bigger international community so their beer scores are better rounded and less skewed toward American beer than BA. So, I go to Ratebeer for the scores and BA for the reviews, haha. I post my reviews on BA but I don't use the forums on either site.

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I spend 25% of the week on this forum! Hahaha...

"Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less."
~Robert E. Lee


My website:
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Me love formy
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