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Originally Posted by Mean Harri View Post
Cute puppy. I would have kept him too. I don't think anyone answered but a Heinz 57 dog is a way of saying a mix. Heinz, 57 varieties it says on their products. Get it? lol

He may be part Weimerarner (sp)? His eyes have that lightness to them. And doggyhog, I'd love to see a Jack Russel and Pit Bull making puppies lawlz. That would be a sight to see.

Did you name him? I'd call him Heinz.
Yes, his name is Skip. I doubt any Weimaraner as his eyes are a light brown, and Weimaraner's are more of a greenish/blue. I'm going to do the DNA testing. My guess is some sort of combo of: lab (for his retrieving ability, coat color and incredibly good nature) whippit (for his super lean body, muscular haunches and lighting fast moves), and possibly pit (due to his friendliness, playfulness, pink nose, and the strength he exhibits in games of tug-of-war for such a tiny dog) and some sort of spaniel due to the freckling on his face.
We'll see how close I come. I wonder just how accurate this type of testing is as it's going to cost me $120.00.

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who are you going though to get the test done? I would amagin that it would be pretty accurate

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
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My vet is going to do a little research so we use the best lab for the test. I have no access to the "behind the scenes" gossip on labs. From what I gather, some are better than others. I will get my vet's professional discount. We are both interested in the result as I say some pit and he says no pit. His opinion is that Skip's skull & bone structure isn't anything near what a pit's is. I agree with the my vet on this point but I'm basing my opinion on the fact that Skip was picked up as a stray out in the Barstow desert, in a place called Newberry Springs. At one time Newsweek Magazine called it the methamphetamine capital of the US. Out in the middle of nowhere, it's an easy place for scumbag drug dealers to cook up their evil stuff. These desert dirtbag drug dealers use pit bills to guard their property. Only an evil sleazeball drug dealer could toss away a dog like Skip. He never barks and loves everyone so what use would he be to low life drug dealers? (Sorry for my rant. Drugs and the people who perpetuate the scrouge make me)

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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