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Originally Posted by bloo97 View Post
I had a five-lined skink in my house. I think he's living in the floorboards,lol


I one time had a rat in my wall. LOL!!! I heard it scurrying about.

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Ugh we have mice, I hear them scurry around all the time.lol One time a baby one came up our heater grate when my mom and I were watching TV one night and the poor thing was scared half to death because my mom screamed.lol Than my Yorkshire Terrier went over and started licking it.hahahaha When I trapped it in a cup to bring it outside, the poor little mouse was drenched. :P

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I used to have pet mice, they were the most fun pets I had ever owned. I can't wait to get a place of my own so I can keep them again!
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Hey! What would be wrong with a snake? :P Actually, I don't like frogs ;x Frogs and insects and jellyfish- I can't stand them. Too... slimy and evilish. Sounds wrong coming from a snake girl, eh? But nice find, and it's a good thing you didn't step on her! Oh, yuck.

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My cat Lexi caught a deer mouse in our kitchen. She brought it out and I thought it was one of those little furry mice I get her? She put it down and it RAN! And I was runnin' around yelling, trying to keep her from getting it. It ran into our bathroom and right into a yellow bag I had next to the toilet. I grabbed the bag and looked down at it and it was all terrified and it had these giant eyes and cute ears. So I took it out back and let it go. Lex was mad at me all night. Imagine the patience she'd had and I just took it away from her and let it go. LOL! It was so tiny and so freakin' cute. I couldn't help but save it. I have a thing for mice. I love em!

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lol! She brought it in so she could play with it. A few nights ago on the owl cam, the male owl brought a mouse in and gave it to the female. When she dropped it, it ran off! But she got it back.
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DQ I watched that last night and I saw the mouse in there.lol

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One night the male brought in a LIVE rabbit!
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Awww poor bunny. :(

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