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no no, I mean for hair that has been colored. My boyfriend uses the same suave shampoo and he likes it because it strips all the greasiness out of his hair. Now only imagine what that would be doing to color treated hair!
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Ah ok, gotcha. I'd use Gojo on my hair if it wasn't so expensive

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Originally Posted by vaygirl View Post
@ Drama, you can totally use just conditioner. The thing is, that's best for naturally curly hair. That kind of hair is dryer to begin with so washing it pulls all the natural oils out and then your body spends days pumping out more, which is why it gets oily/dirty faster. It's a vicious cycle. I bet straight hair gets away with just hot water and rubbing your scalp. I could be wrong though. I'm still learning this 'No poo' method.

It took a month of no shampoo before my hair's natural oil regulated. For that month, it was an oily mess. But I stuck it out and then suddenly, it adjusted. Now I scrub my scalp with conditioner and my fingers, sometimes my nails. And I use Redken Curlwise cream. I haven't used shampoo in about 6 months. No one would know to look at me. My hair is shiny and curly!

Another trick is, don't dry your hair with a towel. They're abrasive and they make it frizzy. Dry your hair with an old t-shirt instead. And sleep on satin pillowcases for way less tangles overnight.

I got most of this info out of a book called Curly Girl.
I think I might try this, I cannot recall in all my life ever having greasy hair.

I can only use shampoo twice a week and any kind makes my hair really frizy. I started dying my hair at about fourteen I've gone from black hair to hot pink and everything inbetween, so that probably didnt help...I dont know if you've every seen the music video for "Bullet proof" But the singers hair is copper my hair is the exact shade even to the point of having inviso-eye brows just like she has, I don't however wear that crazy make up. XD
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