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I have long hair...about 6-7" past my shoulders. I use about a quarter size portion of shampoo and a bit more of conditioner. I had to go look at my shampoo and conditioner to make sure there was no ingredient ending in -cone. LOL There wasn't. I'll have to try that clarifying rinse.

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And plus, they decided to sell bettas at my Walmart. Darn.
I know this is a girl's post, but I had to ask:
Why Darn? (About the Wal-Mart Bettas?)

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well i use mane n' tail shampoo and pantene conditioner but will soon be trying out mane n' tail conditioner my hair is down passed my bum and i just need about a quarter sized portion of the shampoo because it reallly is a very sudsy shampoo and as for conditioner i use enough to easily cover and comb through all of my hair i have really thin hair and a small bit of coarse but i say try out a little dab so you can always add more if needed till you find what works for you,,,i took hairdressing classes till i found out i didnt wanna be one lol my school bought sallys brand shampoo it comes in a full gallon for around 20 bux but was so concentrated you can dilute it to make 3 or more gallons o.o they used many differant kinds of conditioners tho =)

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I don't use shampoo at all. I just use conditioner. I have naturally curly hair and all shampoo does is dry it out. So I scrub my head with conditioner instead.

I use about a quarter size dollop. I use Save Your World rainforest conditioner. It's organic and chemical free and it smells like the woods! Well, not like dirt and such but cedar and juniper and like that kind of woods. :D

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Well I was also told that using "natural ingredients" in your hair makes it grow faster. Hopefully the claim is true, because I'm using "all natural stuff" for my shampoo/conditioner.
What you put on your hair won't affect growth so much as it will simply slow down the damage that causes your hair to break off. Still, as far as why naturals are better....It'd be the lack of silicone products. Bet my bottom dollar.

By the way if you have straight hair and find that breakage and splits are a problem, trash your brush and buy a wooden comb. Your hair will have less damage and less static.
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I use more than all of you. XP
Probably way too much. My hair's about 6" past my shoulders and extremely thick. So thick I have to get it thinned every now-and-then. It's straight though. I only blow dry it to about 70-80% dry because it takes 20 minutes to dry fully and I just run out of patience and time in the morning. I've never colored it and I've never straigtened it. So it's nice and healthy. People tell me it's really soft too if they're feeling my hair.

Can't complain.
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I just use Axe shampoo and conditioner. Then I use the spike up gel from Axe and then I'm done. Haha, I love how easy guys have it :P

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I hate my hair!! It's very thin and curly. I'm trying to grow it out. It looks especially bad when I wake up and I have bedhead. lol
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Originally Posted by MrVampire181 View Post
I just use Axe shampoo and conditioner. Then I use the spike up gel from Axe and then I'm done. Haha, I love how easy guys have it :P
Don't tell also use Axe body spray!

I used to have a roommate who used so much Axe body spray I could smell him coming down the hall. We had a heart to heart and he agreed to go easier on it due to my severe allergies. Long story short- he was keeping the spray in his car and putting it on in the car after he left the house in the morning. One day he didn't tightly cap it and it spilled all over his car. He forever blames me for ruining his new car "smell".

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My hair is fine, slightly wavy, naturally blonde, and very, very soft. It's soooo moody too. I don't do anything to my hair (besides blow dry it in the winter, takes like 5 minutes because it's so fine and thin) I've only highlighted it 3 times, other than that my hair is as healthy as, well, a horse lol. It grows super fast too! In 3 months it went from being clipped above my chin down to my shoulders. I use several different kinds of Herbal Essence (i love the smell) and occasionally Mane 'N Tail, it makes my hair feel weird though. I use just enough shampoo to cover my palm in a thin layer, and one squirt of conditioner. I don't know if this is good or not though lol it's just what I do. I'm lazy.
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