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horse expenses RANT here..

Sooo I have noticed that several of you are horse girls...well, so am I, and I have been leasing out my 3'6 oldenburg hunter to a trainer at a local hunt club for the winter..her client is a timid 13 year old girl. They have had him since Halloween day. Ok, well a month after they got him she called me to tell me that he was dragging his left hoof at the trot so was it alright to give him glucosomine injections, sure I say..well they had there vet look at him at the time and he told them it was a high suspensory injury(but wait- glucosomine fixed it?) hmm well I told them that they could purchase him for way less then his value because I have TOO many I quoted them at $10,000...they did a prepurchase exam and the vet again said high suspensory, no diagnostics just xray vision I guess?
I picked him up for a 2nd opinion today took him to a clinic known for lameness and found out that there is nothing wrong with him...wait I found that out after spending $900!! He has MINOR arthritic changes in left hock and is a BIG BIG sissy...sigh. So should I raise his price to cover this vet bill I have incurred for absolutely no reason?
Oh did I mention he has horrible burns on his back from their neoprene pad? Check them out! All 3 vets gasped when then saw it...a nonslip pad has been burning him AHH!! ok thanks for letting me rant
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I wouldn't sell him to them. That simple. I would never put any animal in the care of someone who would lie like that and obviously didn't care for him properly. And if it wasn't a lie, and they just had a crappy vet look at the horse, I wouldn't let them have him til they find a better vet and pass a very intense placement evaluation from you.

When I got Nanny, my chestnut Apa, years and years back, the SPCA worker I went through to adopt her came out and took a look at my farm and her new housing, then checked out the vet I use for all my animals. It was so nice to see someone who cared enough to do so much work for an animal's well being. When I got my potbelly pigs, the adoption agent didn't give a flip about them. She just wanted to get rid of them and didn't care where they went. I took all 3 just to get them away from her.
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Hi, I am sorry to hear this. I sure do know what you mean about horse expense. I may not understand the whole situation, but if they are the ones that let the pad cause the burns, I would not even want them to have him. If you are still offering them the horse for sale, and if I understand the vet thing right, you could raise the price just because, but they may not like that since there was something wrong and it was your choice to have another vet check him up for a second opinion. I may not understand the situation enough to say exactly what you should do. I have not been in this kind of situation. I have paid for vet checks though on horses that I am interested in buying. If they were great buyers and I made the choice for a second opinion with the vet of my choice, then I probably would not up the price.

Regarding the expense, I have been through it myself not long ago. I had a beloved Percheron Draft horse that was very special to me. He ended up with a surgical kind of colic and by the time it was all over and done with, we spent very close to $10,000 and we ended up having to put him down. It was absolutely one of the worst things I have had to go through with any of my animals. He did not have any impaction or twist, but had a larged colon displacement and severe small intestine inflamation. He made it out of surgery but just did not progress well enough afterwards. He could not get past the reflux. It was horrible. It was last June 2 that we had to put him down and he was at WSU in WA state for I think 6 days. They even did a full autopsy but could not find out what cause the severe inflamation in the small intestines. I hope I never have to go through this again. I have lost faith in these kind of surgeries for horses. It is harder on the draft breeds. We also lost a Saddlebred/Arab "on" the surgery table there at WSU in Nov. of 2005 from an entrolith in the colon. This is a silent killer and Arabs are more prone to entroliths as are horses in southern CA which she was born and raised there until we moved up north. It was not as expensive since they decided it was best to put her down on the surgery table. It was about $2,500 or a little more.

Horses can be expensive when major medical issues arise. But, they are still worth it to me. If I ever experience surgical kind of colic again with a horse, I don't think I will have the surgery done. In most cases they end up having problems again down the road if they even make it through the surgery. However, WSU is a top notch large animal hosiptal. Horses are beautiful and powerful yet they are very vulnerable and sensitive with some things.

Good luck with your situtation. I hope everything works out. BTW, very nice looking horse.

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thanks for the replies...they thought that the burns were fungus and have been treating as such which has made the burns worse. I am picking up a prescription burn cream for him, they say that they have not ridden him in a week to treat the "fungus" Most of me says don't sell to them, mainly because the kid's grandma is paying for him and told someone at a local tack store that she was going to "lowball" me...before she had him "vetted" if you can call it that...but I remember being 13 and making mistakes and LOVING my horse, I know that she is very attached to him and he is a schoolmaster so he has greatly improved her riding. Sigh, I think that I seriously going to just bring him home, he is staying overnight at the vet's clinic because they want to wrap him and keep him from traveling after so many blocks in his joints. I am asking way less for him then I would advertise him to the public, just because she is a kid and he LOVES kids...but I am conflicted now...I know I should keep him as I will never own a horse of his caliber again, I always get the greenies and move them up he came to me off the A dad died and I came into a little money sadly enough.
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Wow.. those are a lot worse then I thought... No, Don't sell him to those people. Get him back in good shape and find an owner who won't turn him into ground beef. The poor thing!

You said they had only had him a few months? I know you can get attached to an animal quickly, but it hasn't been that long, I'm sure they'll get over it. I just hope they don't hurt another animal like that. But how do you keep it from happening without being rude?

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Tell them 1 million. Of course they won't buy him for that. If you need someone's butt kicked let me know. I hate stupid people that harm animals out of stupidity or on purpose. With the internet there is no excuse for not learning about something before venturing the path. Especially when it comes to live animals.

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors”
Thomas Jefferson quote
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I brought him home But there is no guarantee that the hair will not grow back in white... Sucks about that.
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I'd take him in a heartbeat, white hair or not, but my Nanny horse is getting old and I don't want to stress her with another new addition.

I get most of my animals through the SPCA, so no dealing with owners and the SPCA vets always do thero checkups before I get them, but when we got my daughter's QH, Tink, the owner was trying to get us to pay an extra 500 for the farrier and ve but I refused, cause I asked her not to get the horse re-shoed before we bought her and she did anyway.. I had to get my farrier to re-shoe her again a week later. Was not happy about that.

Sorry, rambling. I'm glad he's home! Planning on keeping him?

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Poor thing! He's gorgeous!! You did the right thing in taking him home. I hope he heals up and if you don't want to keep him, I hope you can find an owner that loves him and will treat him right. :)

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Originally Posted by sstacy19 View Post
I brought him home But there is no guarantee that the hair will not grow back in white... Sucks about that.

You did the right thing! I am dealing with some sort of itch on my Clyde. Not where pads would be. He has been biting down on his lower left chest and over to the point of his shoulder and forearm and making bite marks and removing hair. The vet said to douse him with lice powder to rule that out first. I just got some and need to douse him. I don't think it is lice though. I am using a fungus spray right now and it seems to be helping. Also, he started rubbing his cheek muzzle at first - rubbed hair right off. I thought maybe he needed his teeth floated which he did and I got that done. He is not rubbing as bad there now and hair is growing back but not sure if that was a coincidence since I also used a Fungus spray. We have only had him for a few months and I have never had this kind of thing before. The other two horses are fine. When you have more than one horse, it seems like there is always something that comes up sooner or later. But, they are sooooo worth it.

Enjoy your horse being home!
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