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Oh no! Poor thing...is she ok? I almost wish that he took x-rays because it sometimes feels like I fractured it. I think my tendons and muscles are aggravated too so that doesn't help.

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haha don't tell me what they do for fractured tail bones. :-/ who knows, my coccyx (sp?) might be bent or something (who knows without xrays) but I'd rather live with a crooked bone in my bottom than more of that pain :P (I think my bone is ok really, LOL, I am exaggerating above, but it's a humorous thought.)



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Lol! Yeah, it's not pretty. I hope it's not bent though! I would think you'd be able to feel that especially when you sit.

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yikes. yea. i think i would.. Humans have a pretty strong body for being such fragile creatures, compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, I think.



1 Doberman Mix: Emmy, 2 DSH Cats: Rowan & Jacob, 1 Bearded Dragon: Rainier (aka Mista Lizad Man), 1 Eastern Box Turtle: Greta, Two 5g tanks: Alchemy (Halfmoon) and Custard (Yellow VT)
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I bruised my tailbone once =/ I don't even know how it happened, but suddenly I couldn't sit down without cringing, and sometimes shooting right back up on my feet xD I had it for months, and it really, really sucked. School was a painful time. I feel your pain, because the pain I felt was so extreme that I still feel it now when I think about it o-o Hope you get better soon.

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I slammed my thumb between a wall and a card table a few years ago and it hurt for several months. I couldn't press down on anything with that thumb for a long time.
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I use Ultram for my Patellar Pain Syndrome (something w/ my kneecap and the joint). It is actually not a narcotic.... and it always helps me when other NSAIDS won't work. You should maybe ask about that.

Feel better! I know it hurts, I've done it!!

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Geez, this thread makes me hurt just reading it D: xD

I've never bruised a bone...as far as I know....but one fall while horseback riding led to me straining some sort of major tendon or something in my right shoulder. Couldn't move my right arm for a over a week and don't even get me STARTED on sleeping on that side....
The next fall I had I did something to my right ribcage....I landed funny on the hardest part of the arena, I think I jammed my elbow into my ribs or something and damaged the tissue. It hurt like HECK forever! It still pains me to this day, and its probably been....oh, a couple years since then. Goodness forbid I turn juuuuust the wrong way in my sleep, or twist or stretch weird....it hurts pretty bad for a couple days at least. The shoulder sometimes bugs me too as well, but not as bad, or as often.

Another random story I thought I might add....this past summer, ON my 18th birthday(Happy 18th!), I was taking Roary(who was but a few weeks old, my little birthday present)out to go to the bathroom at 2 AM. I usually wait a little bit after turning on the outside lights(we live out in the middle of nowhere), but I just wanted to get back to sleep, so I didn't this time and headed outside. Well about halfway across the driveway to the side yard, I hear something and freeze(still holding puppy). The ferns at the edge of the forest on our property start to move.....and OUT POP AN ANGRY HERD OF RABID SMURFS!!(JK The bushes did move though, but we wrote it off as a raccoon, which poke around once in a while. But I like the idea of rabid smurfs attacking better) Turning abruptly, I made for the house, but I tripped on my loose sandals in my haste and fell on the concrete, still holding little Roary, but I stuck out my free arm to catch myself, determined to keep her from getting hurt. At that point I panicked, screamed, got back up, and ran inside just as dad ran out with a large stick to beat back the smurfs.
Roary was perfectly fine and safe, but I had torn my favorite Eeyore PJs, scraped up both my knees and my left hand pretty good.
I still have scars from the indecent, over 6 months ago, and my right knee still hurts occasionally.
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No bruised bones. Just broken/shattered and dislocated stuff.

You know, all the fun stuff.
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Never bruised a bone, but good lord, I thought I may have after reading the first post - made my ankles hurt so bad. I find ankles repulsive and any injury involving them makes me shiver.

Just the thought of hitting them on something. Nothing but a piece of skin sandwiching veins and tendons over a protruding bone. No thanks.
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