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Unhappy Has anyone bruised a bone??

I bruised my ankle bone (the inner one known as the Tibia) a week ago. I went to get into my friends truck and smacked it right up against the side. I went to the doctor after I couldn't take the pain anymore (I thought I fractured it) and the doctor said I bruised it up really nicely, I hid the tendon and an artery so it's all bruised. It hurts SO bad! Now I know why people say bruising a bone is sometimes worse than breaking it. My doctor said that cold and hot is worthless and wouldn't do anything and putting it in a cast would probably hurt more than help. Even just running a towel over it kills. He told me to keep off of it for a couple weeks but there's no way I can do that, I have to work. So, has anyone bruised a bone? It would help to hear that I'll get better in time...no matter what position I have it in it hurts so bad and having a sneaker on aggravates it.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! It seems to me like they could put a brace or something on it to at least protect it from further injury or give it some support.
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Thanks DQ! Well he said it wouldn't do much because it would probably aggravate it even more since having any pressure on it kills. I can't believe this happened over something stupid.lol

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Are you taking anything for the pain?
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OUCH! I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but that sounds like it HURTS! When I was eight I had a bruised growth plate, believe me, that hurt. Hate to say it, but it didn't get better for a long long long time.

Hope your OK!

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Thanks doggyhog! I'm taking 800mg's of motrin 3 times a day and it doesn't really do much. I think I have a tolerance to it because I used to take it all the time for my back pain. I have vicodin and perkocet but I don't want to take those unless I'm in unbearable pain. I have a pretty high pain-tollerance because my back is hurting me 24'7 but this is literally a "deep bone" pain.

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Maybe take the Vicodin or percocet at night to make you more comfortable to sleep. I took darvocet when I had knee surgery but basically took the meds at night so I could sleep better.
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I was going down the stairs to ask my BF something and my foot slipped out from under me and I landed HARD on my tailbone and it hurt so bad I flipped forward into a fetal position (thank god I was on the second to last stair and we have a carpetted staircase that winds in a semi circle instead of strait down) and I think I freaked out my BF so much cus I couldn't say anything cus I was in such pain and he kept going "are you all right? are you all right?" and all I wanted to do was go "be quiet and wait till I can freaking talk again for me to answer!!" but it hurt too much haha. whats worse was we were having a mini blizzard and he was like "if we need to go to the hospital it would be the worst time but i can take you" haha. I think I was in shock for a while there cus I couldn't stop shaking and I don't know if I ever did just bruise it or have such a small fracture it felt like a horrible bruise. It took a long time about a month to completely go way. or well, heal rather :P



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That sounds so painful TPF! I don't think you want to know how they fix fractured tailbones. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I love what guys come out and say. Sometimes I laugh, other times I just want to smack my boyfriend silly.haha When I keep off of it it doesn't hurt as much but when I come home from work like now, it throbs like crazy because I've been on it all day. Stupid ankle.lol

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My daughter bruised her shin bone and it hurt for MONTHS and occasionally still hurts. We finally had to do surgery because there was an abscess too - she loves the nice scar - so I completely understand your pain.
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