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& I used to say pop when I lived in Ohio, but down here everyone yells at me for it. So now I say soda, lol.

My babies:
Dante CT (m) 3.02.10
Lil Aric VT (m) 9.10.10

Baby Pearlins
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My brother says soda.
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Originally Posted by iamntbatman View Post
Alright, I'll bite.

My name's Jim. I'm 24. Other than the obvious fishkeeping hobby, I enjoy reading, philosophical discussion, nerding out over geeky science stuff, being a beer geek (some might say "beer snob") and music. I'll post some stats, since you guys did: I have 15,063 songs in my Winamp (about 95 GB worth) plus sizable CD and record collections. Big music buff, I guess.

Details: I read all sorts of books but lately I've been reading really nerdy fantasy stuff. I've been a Lord of the Rings fanboy since 3rd grade but never really got into other fantasy books. I recently read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy (the first book, The Golden Compass, was recently made into a movie). Right now I'm working my way through Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I also read a decent amount of science fiction, non-fiction, anything dystopian or post-apocalyptic and anything else I can get my hands on, really.

As for the philosophy, I'm a philosophy major and a convert to the school of utilitarian ethics. Apart from ethics I also have some background in the philosophy of science so discussions on the nature of scientific inquiry are right up my alley. The science geek thing also plays into this; I have an associate's degree in physics and did a physics minor along with the philosophy (I actually have more credits in physics than philosophy, which is almost sad, in a way).

The beer thing started while I was in England and got my hands (or tastebuds, rather) on some quality English (and Irish and Scottish and get the picture) brews. Beer festivals and tastings and brew tours are a hobby of mine. I also dabble in homebrewing but I'm not great at it just yet. If it's got "ale" in the name, count me in. America is the place to be for craft brewing these days and we're making the best beer in the world. /beer geek

The music thing: I've gone through a couple of musical stages in my life. The major ones were grunge (middle and high school), other 80's/90's alternative and indie rock (high school), post-rock (late high school/early college) and most recently metal. I'm a devout metalhead these days, as you might have guessed from my constant spam in the "what are you listening to now?" thread. I do reviews under this same screen name for I also play guitar, bass and drums and have been dabbling in programming (especially drum programming as it turns out I'm much better at drum programming than actual drumming). I've been working on recording an album so maybe at some point I'll set up a Myspace for the project so you guys can hear it, if you want.

That's about it, really. Well, that's me!
I get a chuckle out of picturing a beer snob college professor in a twead jacket with leather elbow patches, banging to metal. Your students are going to love you! When do you think you'll be finished recording your album??

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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He'll be the most popular professor on campus. lol
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Sprite is the only drink for me :D And I call everything coke as well, though I really don't like Coca-Cola. I like Sam's Cola from Walmart. It's 10times better than everything else. Another thing i'm addicted too is those "Clear America" drinks where it's like, fizzy, flavored water, but more healthy than actual soda drinks.
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I guess it's my turn to tell something about myself. I always had animals growing up. My dad loved animals and, much to my mother's chagrin, was always bringing animals home. During my childhood we had dogs, 1 cat, birds,a duck, fish, snakes, hamsters and gerbils. My mother hated them all, excepy for my cat. She actually did like my cat. And she liked Max, the last dog we had. When I was in college, I had hamsters and one year my roommate had 1 betta and 2 goldfish. The goldfish shared a 1 gallon bowl and, of course, ended up dying. The betta died also. I got into bettas 5 years ago after fish sitting for a neighbor. I ended up getting one of my own and adopting my neighbor's betta after she decided it was too much trouble to take care of him properly. I'd like to try other fish some day but can't right now due to my living arrangements (living with a mother who doesn't like pets) but maybe someday I'll have other fish besides bettas.
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Batman, my fiance just got into homebrewing. He made and drank his first batch yesterday. HopNog. He LOVED it! Fermenting right now is a Belgian White Ale, and a Pale Ale.
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My brother would like to try homebrewing but my sister-n-law won't let him. lol
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Wow, what a young board. I feel old.
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
My brother would like to try homebrewing but my sister-n-law won't let him. lol
Men are such wimps now a days. I'd be brewing that beer all over the house. lol
batman, I have a link for you. I'll pm it to ya. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe not.
They make some great brews.

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors”
Thomas Jefferson quote
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