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Getting to know you.

This is a discussion on Getting to know you. within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Hahahaahaahahahahaaa!! Oh that is too funny!! Yuummmm!...

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Oh that is too funny!! Yuummmm!
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Okay, well here I go :)

My name is Arthi and I am of Indian descent (Asian) my parents are from India, but I was born at the University of Connecticut. I am 22, almost 23 (on June 15th- i was born on my due date!) I have a younger brother 7 yrs my junior who was born where I was. We live in MD, but I moved out this past August to VA with my lovely BF :P, but still visit almost every week, its always nice to have parents close by :P. I am going to college to get my A.S. in Science then want to get a Bachelor's in Biology, something as close to Zoology as possible. I have a dog, a Doberman Mix name Emmy and she is the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate. I also have 2 guinea pigs named Asher and Toadwart (Toadie), well technically they are adopted under BF's name. and I have a Box Turtle named Greta and a Bearded Dragon named Rainier (but we mainly call him Mista Lizad Man or MLM). I have written on here about my 55g fish tank.

I was an uncertified vet tech for 4 yrs and went to grooming school for 4 months (which I suck at grooming so all that money is down the drain, sigh).

I have a red Toyota Corolla (1996) I named Peanut. I call him my reliable cross-dressing old man cus I have faerie seat covers and steering wheel covers and rose scent hanger on the rearview mirror. I loveee that car.

I love all animals, and hiking and singing to songs in my car and i used to ride horses, but I don't have the connections anymore and too expensive, but hope to start up again one day. I also loooove reading books and am a fast reader.

I hope when I get a job again and start to earn money (sooo hard!) that I can buy a black or red Honda Fit. (I never liked red in a car till I started driving my Corolla)

I am very shy and socially awkward and always hope that I don't look rude to people i encounter, cus I really try to be polite and and I am a caring person, but I worry my shyness might make me look rude when I don't mean to be. I am an introvert, but I love to try to be as social as I can.

My favorite color is purple. and I love to look nice but my crazy frizzy hair has always been a menace that I am finally learning to tame after all these years!

My favorite food is pizza, Indian food (my mom's homemade) and spaghetti and meatballs.

I love almost all types of music, but I mainly listen to 90's, today's pop and country and some 80's.

I also like to sometimes write short stories, but I have to be in the mood for it.

Anyways, I think that is enough (A LOT!) about me, I probably am gonna go "ooo i forgot this!" later, but oh well! :P

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Well I am crazy and read all the way through too! I am old compared to most of you on here, my name as you may have suspected is Stacy, I am 36 and reside in Michigan, I am one of only a few that say soda instead of pop here. I grew up in Detroit, but went to college in WV. I currently have 5 horses- Royal, who is my soulmate- a 9 year old TB that I bred, Donnie a 9 year old imported Oldenburg, Jasmine a 7 year old palomino TB mare in foal to a buckskin tb stud.. Evergold a 4 year old buckskin tb gelding, a pony named Leroy, a ground squirrell named George and 13 betta fish.
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Okay... I'm Fuulie. I currently own two african dwarf frogs, their 12 tadpole spawns, and one betta. I have a dog, but the dog is only considered mine when my parents decide they don't want to deal with it. Then it's all, "Come here and take care of YOUR dog!!!" :I

In my free time I read a lot, draw a lot, and sleep a lot. And sometimes I bother myself to come out of hiding and socialize.

.... that's about it. :D;;

Sstacy, you have a GROUND SQUIRREL? Awesome!
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I'm starting to see a trend of betta owners being more shy. :P
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I am one of only a few that say soda instead of pop here.

I say soda too :P

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um...make that 14 betta fish, I just stoppled in at petco and bought a purpleish red butterfly female
You guys should see the amazing boys that they have there! no room for more boys at my inn though. ;)
Yep Fullie I do! he rocks and is 2 years old now. There are some videos of him on youtube. I think you can just look up videos by me sstacy19, if not one is called George the dancing squirrell.
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Originally Posted by CodeRed View Post
Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan...

I'm about halfway through Lord of Chaos right now. I'm actually not too worried about the last book, as apparently it's a writer Jordan and his wife knew personally and respected as an author, plus Jordan gave him detailed notes on how the story is supposed to go before he died, so hopefully it will be up to par (or better). This series is pretty entertaining. It can be a little annoying how each book tends to start pretty slow and how he feels the need to re-introduce familiar concepts whenever they're mentioned for the first time in each book. The overall world is pretty interesting though and there are some cool characters and concepts, plus when stuff really starts getting crazy, usually toward the end of each book, Jordan's writing quality takes a turn for the better. I really dig those parts. Anyway...I'll stop derailing the thread now, haha.
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I say pop.
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Originally Posted by nochoramet View Post
It makes my brain melt.
I think we are long lost siblings...I use the same sentence on a DAILY basis.

My name is Giovannia, everyone calls me Gio for short. (I know it sounds like a boy, but I am not!)
I am 23 years old...ugh. I have a 4 year old little boy, and am expecting a little girl in Sept. I live in Oklahoma, but was born and raised in Los Angeles Ca. What a CULTURE shock! I have adjusted quite well, and have even somehow developed and accent, from what my family tell me.

I own 3 pitbulls. Montezuma and Xouchil and their son Shiro. I have 2 bettas, Russell and Awa Sakana. I bought my first betta Earl about a year ago and have been HOOKED!!!
:::Montezuma and Xouchil:::


My hobbies besides fish keeping are Drag Racing and Roller Derby.

I play BANKED TRACK Roller Derby for a league here in the city called the Red Dirt Rebellion. I go by the name Mitzy Bitchy. I have only been doing that about a year, and am on hiatus while preggo!

:::Mitzy Bitchy (blue dress dark hair getting her stomach torn up by an elbow:::

We travel the country drag racing our cars in a circuit called Import Faceoff. WE both own 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX.( Hence my roller derby name) My boyfriend is currently the national points champion for the last 2 years in a row. I am trailing him by a bit because of this pregnancy as well.

:::The car:::

I work for The OK Dept of Wildlife Conservation as a license assistant. I am against all kinds of animal cruelty, but I am for conservation. It's is a huge fight to try and explain how important harvesting certain species is important for future populations, and lands, so I wont go there. But in short, and I am a hunter and a fisher.

:::Not me, but these are Paddlefish...AWESOME to fish:::

uh......I went blank looking down at my work! LOL If I remember anything else I will edit my post!!
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