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I'm a pretty boring person, but here I go!lol My names Chelsey and a lot of people think it's with an a at the end. They also can NEVER pronounce my last name, but it does have it's advantages. When people call trying to sell us something we know right away it's them because they get it totally I'm also 21. :)

I have a wonderful boyfriend who I met online. I think it was meant to be because we were both playing an online game and just started talking. Unfortunately he lives 3 hours away from me so we've been in a long distance relationship for a year and 7 months, but I'm a very strong person so I just deal with

I have always had pets growing up. I've owned 2 horses whom I miss soo much! I have three dogs, Mylo (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), Otis (Yorkshire Terrier) and Oscar (Morkie). I absolutely can't stand small dogs, but my mom won't allow us to have big We've always had Yorkies. I love my Corgi to death and he's basically my dog, they're sooo smart! I just lost my bunny April; I had her for 4 years, almost 5. My mom made me keep her outside which cuts their life almost in half. :(

I just recently changed my major after going through 2 years of college for Ultrasound. I got everything done and they told me that my grades weren't good enough (it's VERY hard to get into the programs). So I decided I obviously didn't want it enough to re-take Physics (cringe!) and Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 over again. So I'm looking into being an Administrative Assistant. We'll see how it

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Physics... ewwwe. I gota take that this fall and spring as a pre req. I'm dreading it! I think the long distance relationship makes the relationship a lot more stronger. After doing it for going on 6 years... I wouldn't do it any other way. :)

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RIP Storm, Flair, Marina, Flash, and Sterling... I miss you guys so much :(
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My brother and sister-in-law have a long distance relationship. He travels all over on his job and he's hardly ever home. But they don't seem to mind.
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Sometimes it gets really annoying and I miss him so much, but I can't do anything about It definitely tests your relationship; we don't see each other for 3-4 months at a time usually.

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omg fun thread!!! love reading through these pages!

im eileen, 21 since september and live in west ireland since 17 years! my mum and dad and mum's parent moved to ireland from austria with 11 horses and countless dogs lol! my dad and mum's parents moved back to austria not too long ago and im still here with my mum she's renting a house 30min from my rented apt.

i grew up on a stud farms with horses and dogs both in austria as a child, and then in ireland. my big love; my mare "happy". coloured tinker x thorough bred mix. a handful sometimes lol. ridden western (my passion) but also enjoys the odd dressage session.

my mum won the austrian champs in eventing and jumping... she tought me everything i know bout english riding. then, i spent some time on a ranch here to learn some western. i schooled a young gelding which we sold a while back, and re-schooled my mare.
mum and her mare (26 this year!)

im going to college (1st year) studying mechanical engineering (im a car enthusiast lol) the car; "sally". 1994 nissan s13, ready for racing and track!

I often contemplated though, of how to pull a horse trailer with my car... hmmmm

I have a corgi dog that i share with my mum. i have little time due to college! her name is queeny and she's a part of the family since june last year. she's 2years old now

recently i found out i have a half sister in austria. i never knew, until only 1 year ago i won a sister, but kinda lost contact with my dad. her name is lisa and she's 4 years younger than me.
my dad married again in austria and his new wife hates me lol. i have a really hard time with her, so i hardly visit austria anymore... i miss the warm weather there though

jesus i cant think of anything else to say ha...
my fingers hurt too!

strato multi color CT
edward royal blue HM (at foster home)
henriette blue crayfish

water changing tut thread
dividing tank tut thread
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I love your horse and of course your Corgi! :P I'm a western gal also.

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well, I'm new-ish and just found this topic so I'll post : D

My name is Alana that's my name in real life , I'm only 12 I'm in grade 7 , and I live in Alberta , Canada.
I have a little black kitty named Jade, she's pretty much my own cat, my 14 year old sister has her own cat too.

here's Jade:

I love doing ballet and really any kind of dancing I'm hoping to go to en pointe soon (:
I love photography but I'm still a beginner my dad is a great photographer so he's mentoring me a bit (:

Thanks to Amaya Yu for the great drawing in my avatar!
Churro, Orange VT Male

Jade, Black Female Kitty

~~♥ Rest in peace Venus 09/25/09 - 06/20/10 ~ ♥
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Fun thread! I read it ALL! Crazy woman XD


My name is Mikayla, and I go by Mikayla. lol. I whish it was (were?) spelled differently, since it seems to awkward, but that's a random thought. I'm fifteen, and will be sixteen in December, on Christmas day. That's right, I was a present to the world :P Alright, arrogantness aside, I actually hate my birthday. To be all angsty, everyone pretty much forgets it's your birthday, and only remembers "Oooh! Christmas!". Not to mention the parents are spending money left and right, so presents usually aren't as nice (-shamefaced-) as they would be if the birthday was in, say, July. I've actually tried multiple times to get my family to celebrate my birthday on July 25, but no cake. Where does that saying come from?

I have one mom and one stepdad, and my real dad passed away a year ago on April 4th. He was my best friend, and it was the hardest I've ever had to go through losing him. We listened to the same music, liked the same things, and were very definitely father and child. He was my hero, and still is. If I could, I would give up everything to have him back for a day.
I also have one blood brother, named Ryan, who is in college. Right now, he's a four hour drive away, but next year he'll be 23 hours away. It's hard to let him go, but he's doing what he needs to to succeed, and who am I to stop him?

I have two stepbrothers, and one stepsister. The stepsister, Anna, has mothered 3 children, and married a man who had his own child, leaving me with FOUR nephews. I feel so old. Sadly for me, she had her tubes tied recently, so I won't be getting my niece ): Unless my brother Ryan pulls through for me.

I'm an animal nut, through and through. Dogs? Cats? Fish? Snakes? Lizards? Horses? Birds? LOVE. If I could, I would volunteer at the local humane societies, but as I have no car, it's a no go. For so long I envisioned myself as a zoologist, or marine biologist, but I'm still shaky on those thoughts. It's a hard job, with little pay. Hobbies are nice, but you can't supply those hobbies off of dreams, as much as I wish otherwise.

I have one big, fat black lab named Duke, or Dukers/Dukie. Prince Duke when he's been a good boy. He's HUGE. Over 120 pounds of muscle, though lately he's been getting fat. So, it could be 110 pounds of muscle, and 10 pounds of fat.

I have 3 cats, I used to have 6, but I adore 2. I used to have 6 cats in total, three at each house (mom's house, and dad's house). At my mom's house (where I lived most of the time) we had Shaddow (who actually came from my dad's house), Freckles, and Fuzzy. I loathe Fuzzy, and I have no idea why. He just bugs me. Shaddow is MY cat, and I love him muchly. Freckles, too, but she's my mom's cat.
At the other house was Simba, Lance, and Katerina (named BEFORE the hurricane) . Lance and Katerina are the children of Simba. My dad affectionately called them, in order, PT1, PT2, and PT3, meaning Putty Tat 1, Putty Tat 2, and Putty Tat 3. I think he was too much Tweetie.

Anyways, since I'm from the betta forums, it's obvious I have a thing for the fishies. I had 10 as of a week ago, but sometime during a weeklong vacation two of my babies passed on due to miscommunication and overfeeding. Those remaining have become that much more important.

I'm, as easy to see by my avatar, a HUGE reptile enthusiast. I grew up with Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin, and have loved snakes and lizards all of my life. I used to love bugs, too, but sometime I grew to hate them. Still do. Even butterflies. Especially caterpillars. I only like ants due to a roleplay I did with a friend.
Anyways, I now own two snakes, and while I wish I could have more, I have to hold back until after my first year of college and can find my own place. As it is, I may need to find a temporary home for my babies while at college until I can afford to keep them. Both of my children are corn snakes, one being an amel (red albino), and the other being a crimson (hypo coloration) While I got Aris the amel first, Spitfire the crimson is probably about 6 months older. He's also going into his first shed with me! (I got him on Valentine's Day).

Um, I'm a HUGE book geek, and being a book editor is actually my dream job. I flip back and forth between sappy romance novels and fantasy, with fantasy being my favorite. Romances are soo easy to predict. I read every single book in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan... up until the last one. I won't read it. I feel like the new writer will ruin the series, and so I'll just have to be left hanging.
My favorite author is Jane Lindskold with her Firekeeper saga, with Mercedes Lackey close in second. Some days they switch.

Music, music, music... used to be a country girl, became a hard rocker, and now I'm stuck with the softer, acousticish music. Anberlin is my favorite, though I do enjoy the new albulm of 30 Seconds to Mars.

I say Pop, though around my dad I had to say "soda" or else he's "hit" me (you know, the joking punch we all do around slugbugs?).

I don't want to get married or have children. I prefer to be alone, and contact with someone for over a week sends me into fits and grumpiness.

My last name, Kohn, is always mispronounced, and it drives me CRAZY. It's pronounced like "Cone", but people always say "Kahn", like Genghis Kahn. Blech.

I'm shy, very picky about my friends, and put my family above everything. I don't like my cell phone, but since everyone has one, so do I. I'm a video game freak, preferring the fantasy and historical types... I'm a ZooTycoon fantatic, and love to play it when I'm stressed....

If you read that, I salute you. It was long, to say the least.

Oh, and I edit pictures for my roleplaying online, which I roleplay various animes/mangas and the Warrior cats series.
I also occasionally write stories when I'm bored.

Marina- VT ; Leopold- HM ; Sylvester the Ghost Shrimp

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I read it all!!! :D

Cookie please? LOL

I know what you mean about your brother, mine is defiantly one of my best friends. I think he's going to college next year. Darn. :( Buuuut.... gotta let him go!

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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Cookies? Of course ;3

Marina- VT ; Leopold- HM ; Sylvester the Ghost Shrimp

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