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Jupiter, I laughed too. I told her she could read the instructions forthe pH kit, but I patiently explained what pH is and how 7.0 is neutral. Finally, I got a replacement fish.
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Well that's good. She sounds like an idiot though. I've known what pH is since 8th grade.

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Yeah I did a full water change and added some aq. salts. He recovered but never fully. He's been on and off sick and a bit of fin rot that im trying to heal with no avail :(

I upgraded his tank today from 1/2 gal to a 5gal with filter and heater. I introduced him this evening and he seems a lil freaked out. im not sure he's too into the filter (lol) he found his new cave and has been in there ever since. Anyways....hope this helps. :) :)
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Good luck!

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my petco told me my waters fine but my amonia's a lil high =/ i just wanna know what their definition of 'fine' is

just keep swimming just keep swimming =^-^= >D
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I think most people that work in pet stores are probably animal lovers but are just there for a job and don't get enough specialized training for the animals they sell.
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I'm going to have to include Walmart in "fish store employees." I was looking for some plant fert at Walmart (this was over the phone), and this is what I get
M. stands for me. W. stands for walmart employee, and the numbers are to differentiate from the employees I got to talk to.

W1: Hi, welcome to Walmart, may I help you?
M: Hi, can you please send me to the Pet Care section? For fish?
W1: Sure Hang on
W1: What do you need?
M: Some plant fertilizer, please. Liquid plant fertilizer.
W1: Uh, plant fertilizer? Liq--okay, sure.
(cue absolutely terrible hold music for approximately 17 seconds).
W2: Hi, welcome to Lawn Care, how may I help you?
M: (Caught off guard) W-what? Oh, Um, I was asked to be taken to the Pet Care, I'm trying to get some liquid fertilizer for aquariums. Unless you carry them there?
W2: Oh, liquid plant ferts, no we don't have those here. Let me redirect you.
(cue terrible hold music for 10 seconds)
W3: Hi, welcome to Lawn Care, how may I help you? (Okay, I HAD to have heard this wrong or something. But it's what I heard).
M: ... What? Um, Hi sir, I've been looking for plant fertilizer for aquariums - the liquid type - and have been asked many times to be directed to Pet Care. Can you please direct me?
W3: ... Liquid plant fertilizer? They make those?
M: ... Yes. Like *names brands*
W3: Oh, I've heard of those. Here I'll go check manually for you.
M: Are you sure that's okay?
W3: Whatever, I get paid by the hour.

Turns out, they never even had any. There goes a good 9 minutes of my life. Lol. At least the last guy was open-minded enough to do something.

"Hey. I have some bad news, and some good news."
"What's the bad news??"
"There's no good news."
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Lawn care for aquatic plant ferts? Oh, brother!
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Twice at that, too.

"Hey. I have some bad news, and some good news."
"What's the bad news??"
"There's no good news."
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You cannot get anything done over the phone at Walmart, in ANY department unless you have at least 20 minutes to spare!

Also, don't expect any good advice from WM "pet dept" employees, they hardly ever have any real knowledge of the animals or products. You will also be lucky to find anyone who knows the proper ways to net and bag fish. I did have a hobbiest friend who did the fish there for a while, and they looked great the short time he worked there.
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