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post #11 of 73 Old 03-28-2010, 03:44 AM
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I think I'm headed out to my grandmother's house in Delaware for Easter. I don't really "celebrate" this holiday but it's a good excuse to get together with family and eat lots of candy.

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post #12 of 73 Old 03-28-2010, 08:34 AM
We're going over my aunts, my dads family is big on family get togethers. *rolls eyes* Sometimes it's ridiculous, but I guess when I get older I'll appreciate it.lol Probably when I'm 60...hahahaha :P

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post #13 of 73 Old 03-28-2010, 08:50 AM
Yeah, you'll appreciate it more when you're older. lol We used to have big family gatherings years ago at an uncle's house. He had 2 acres and we used to run around outside, play horseshoes and croquet.He had a lot of outside cats and they were always having kittens and the first thing I'd do when I got there was go play with the kittens. Kids don't do that kind of stuff anymore. They're busy playing video games or texting friends or on their computers. We didn't have all that stuff in my younger days.
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Yeah well his family is HUGE and they're all nuts.lol (I have second, third and probably fourth cousins.lol) His family is very dysfunctional and I basically only go because of my two older cousins and an Uncle and Aunt that are my favorite. There's always a bad egg in a family.lol

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I like spending time with my family. My great aunt has a cottage about an hour away and she sometimes invintes us over for the weekend with a bunch of my adult cousins. It's a lot of fun, I even tried my hanf at fishing las time. :P

DragonFish, are you going to cosplay?

And sorry if I mafde a lot of typos/...I don't have my contacts on yet and can't see the keys, lol. :P

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I know how you feel, BettaFishCrazy. We have a few bad eggs, too. lol Some of them I just don't care to be around.
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Well, we have a ton of friends over to our house. :)

We cook HUGE amounts of food the day before easter and the day of.
Yep. People are here all day.

Then sometimes we play soccer. :D

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~Robert E. Lee


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Going to be chilling on a beach in Florida <3 My Spring Break starts April 3rd x3. I'm not really going to miss the family get-together that we usually have, since Easter is pretty much the most laid back of the holidays. The get-togethers are EXTREMELY boring, but that may be because I'm the youngest D: I usually sleep under the table until it's time to go XD

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Originally Posted by Jupiter View Post
DragonFish, are you going to cosplay?
Yup! Totally xDD I've got about three cosplays total I'm doing ;)
Theres also a formal cosplay Masquerade on Friday night, which I'm really looking forward to. I've never been to any sort of formal dance xD I'm trying out my full costume for the Masquerade today :) <3
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