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There is no strong reason to believe the world will end in 2012, barring any huge global wars that may take place between now and then, or barring some catastrophic natural disaster of epic proportions. An opinion research study says ‘The Mayans do not say that this is the end of the world, they say that this is the end of one stage in development and another will follow. It means change, not death.’ There have been so many predictions like this that haven't come true.
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Originally Posted by Tyyrlym View Post
My highschool had us take the military placement test. Supposedly the test results didn't go back to the military. Almost immediately after taking the test though I started to get phone calls and mail all the time trying to recruit me for every single branch.
that's a ploy the military does to get info from people. They use the school system for it. You have the right to deny taking that test. That's what i did when i was in high school and if it's not something you want to do then i'd say you do it too (for those others reading this obviously it's too late for Tyyrlym).

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it will not end. The Mayan calendar simply restarts. I hate those boobs that make up these hoaxes to make moola.

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People surfe like to hav something to be scared about, eh? Let's on forget 06/060/06...a lot of eole were worried about that, too. :P

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The world is far more likely to end from nut jobs getting nuclear weapons.
I skimmed through this topic as it was brought back to life and I almost wish I didn't.
Somewhere back some pages it was said it's far more likely to end from something more realistic like global warming.
All I can do is laugh and feel sad at the same time. There are thousands of scientists with proof that global warming as a man made problem is false. The globe warms and cools naturally, yes. But this entire falsehood and lies started by Al Gore is all lies. It's another attempt to tax and slave the peoples of the earth. They don't have proof. There is also proof that the pro global warming crowd has fudged numbers and distorted facts.
The polar bear population is, let's see, I forget now, double or better? it's population from the 1970's.
There were far greater pollutants being released back then than now.

I urge everybody to look at the truth. Look at both sides. Don't just be sheeple. Just because someone makes a movie and they play it in all the schools doesn't mean it's true.

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I think that the world will end whenever the heck God wants it too.

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