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Do you think Swine Flu will become a pandemic?

Do you think swine flu will become a pandemic?
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I have no idea. I don't think there are any cases of it in my area yet but its in Indiana and Ohio.
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Not yet but it being a hybrid virus there is little to no immunity to it, and its popping up all over the place now. one case in one state might not mean much but it should. Its all good, not sure on the death count from it yet or what age groups are more prone to it becoming a fatal illness such as seniors and smaller children.

Im not sure how to take this, I mean west nile hit hard in my area but little or no word since that summer 2 years ago. Who knows?

The thing acts like the flu at first but gets worse when its nearly too late for some. Its hard to tell if its swine flu or influenza that we get year after year.
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Maybe this was a government conspiracy to derail us from the failing economy?
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you see these every so often.. sars, west nile, bird flu, swine flu..they seem to come and go.
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Thats true. There's always something that gets everyone in an uproar.
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Media hysteria, best way to keep a mindless society on its toes and spending money.

Since the "outbreak" yet its mostly infecting mexican people( dont even sit there and construe this as racist, its fact.) people have spent alot more money on healthcare and medications. its amazing today they announced that the recession in america has slowed way down and is actually improving now.

Im no rocket scientist but I can atleast add up the variables and tell that its just hype.
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Theres two + cases already up here in Alberta O.O
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There have been quite a few in the DFW area, texas alone, nothing compared to NYC, and even my mother thinks she may have it. Also, we have the first and only death here in texas... that being said, the Girl that died was from Mexico and didn't get treated for a long while. It's not something to get overly scared about and I'm not afraid if i do get it. It's been proven to be treatable.

First time i heard about it I came up with a theory: The gov't is the creator of this. Things like this don't morph in nature, which is why we've never had it in the supposed billions of years. Morphs such as these are recent. It's not a morph but an altered virus. It was administered to Mexico and refuses to close borders... In quarantine, you isolate the issue regardless if there's a problem.. hmm why not keep the thing from spreading? Second, don't they want to have health care for all supplied by the gov't, National Health Services, (NHS) Organizing for America | | Health Care . this seems like the perfect way to say "If all of you had health care like I wanted then you wouldn't be in this situation." That would be icing on the cake wouldn't it? The British barley like it, Americans! Don't copy the British healthcare system! .

It's a ploy by the gov't to buy into NHS in USA and don't buy into it. Yes it has it's pro's, but far more con's.

It's also a ruse to get your attention away from the real situations and errors.

I'm done. This was all on a whim and past information I had read or heard before... why'd it come so easily to me? Not too sure why...

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Interesting theorys and food for thought. Regardless of how this flu came about it's still not something I care to be exposed to. I came down with the "regular garden variety flu" earlier this year and it felt to me as if I was going to die. It knocked me down hard enough that I made a visit to the doctor, which is something I almost never have to do. I live close enough to the California/Mexico border that I'm actually a little concerned about the spreading of this thing.

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