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Re: Do you smoke?

Originally Posted by JouteiMike
I kicked the bad habbit for like 6 months, but I still find myself asking for them every once in a while. My girlfriend smokes, and I don't hesitate to ask her for one. I really should stop, I haven't been buying packs, just obtaining them through other people.

So how many of you puff the cancer sticks?
I quit, about... it would have to be 3 months agao. I have the urge to do it still not gonna lie. I havent tounched on sence though. i know exactlly what your going through. The last time i quit i picked it back up in a month... dumb. but im done for good now. and im for sure about it, cold turky. well best of luck to ya!

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CIGARS baby! :P No Cubans for me though. Although I own a nice collection I don't smoke them. Way to rich and make me dizzy. however I know not everyone enjoys them and so I am always mindful of the next person. I smoke on my back deck and when out in public I make sure I am away from people.
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did smoke about 3 1/2 years ago,and like a chimney.
managed to stop about the third time,with
the aid of patches.have not looked back
don't miss them at all,and watching people
on a cancer ward has kept me off them too.
However each to their own,i think if people
want to smoke then it's up to them.
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I smoked for 3 years, was up to a pack and a half a day and decided to quit. It was the hardest thing i had ever done. Pretty much every day for almost two years i had a craving atleast once. Got drunk one night and started right back up where i had left off. Been smoking two years from then now. Its a love/hate relationship.
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oh man I smoke 2 packs a day. hmmmm I say your going to die of something. well i have to say stress is my biggest reason for still smocking though.

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lol im only 14 and ive tried it, just not the type of thing for me . im not horribly against it though, i know that if your addicted its very hard to quit
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i used to smoke (im 14) but i quit :)

i <3 fish
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and all those commercials saying like 1 cigarette gets you addicted? im sure ive smoke at least 1 and then a couple cigars with my friends and im not addicted. liars :o
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As a Poof, and a smoker I would like to welcome Rev to the club. Meetings are tuesday and thursday, all are welcome.

I learned it all the hard way. LOL
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Originally Posted by Neonesf
As a Poof??:
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