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Creative zen v plus 4 gigs

Ok, I'm having some serious problems with my mp3 player. Lol I find it pretty funny that I've had to resort to asking about this on a fish forum but the company won't even talk to me and the store only deals with it if it's under a month after purchase. Plus I really trust everyones input on this website. Has anyone ever owned one of these players? It was ok when I bought it, like 100 bucks cheaper then the ipod and it plays videos and hold pics or whatever. The software sucks but whatever, I can deal with that. I bought it 4 months and three days ago... My last ipod only started to mess up a year after I bought it. Everything messes up at least a year after I buy it... But not four months Ok, no physical damage to the player. But 4 days ago I noticed the battery was fading away, and now my screen is completely black. Has anyone ever had this problem? Is it my fault? As far as I know I have done nothing physically to the player, I only use it when I'm taking the bus, so it either stays in my purse during the summer or in my jacket pocket during the winter... Ha, funny the company just e-mailed me advertising christmas sales. Not to sure if anyone cares but I'll show my response to this e-mail....

"I would love to purchase more zen products and it is funny that I have just received this e-mail because currently I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my player. It is 4 months and 3 days since I purchased my creative zen plus 4 gig (blue and black) and 4 days ago the battery started to fade away and every time I turned it on since then the screen got darker and darker. Now it is black and I can't see anything so I have rendered it useless. I can't buy a protection plan because I live in Canada (Don't really understand that but ok...) I've tried calling the company and the operator wouldn't even let me talk to anyone, the store won't do anything because it has been more than a month after the purchase date. I have tried the repair button on your website to no avail. I at least would like a response stating what is wrong with my player and what can be done to fix it before I consider purchasing anymore zen products. Thank you. P.S we presently own two creative zen products."

ANY input is welcome!!! Thanks so much for reading this.

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