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post #11 of 15 Old 05-20-2008, 10:48 AM
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The funny thing is that The writer of LoTR was Chistian i belive.

And yes Narnia is a Christian story. I readily enjoy the movie. I have yet to c this one i would like to soon though.

Also for the Resurection of Asland didnt it take 3 days in the movie? im trying to remember every detail.

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I saw this movie this weekend. It's religious messages aside (if you go into the theater conscious of them it will be nearly impossible not to see them) I thought it was a great, exciting movie and better than the first one.
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I just saw this tonight. It was a pretty good movie, but I did have some problems with it.


I realized that the kids in the movie (just like in the first one) have very little actual impact on the events of Narnia. In this movie, they arrive but fail to make a success of the assault on the castle. Peter defeats the evil king in single combat, but this makes no difference as the enemy attacks the Narnians anyway. In both movies, only Asland was able to do anything to turn the tide of battle. The main protagonists are of no real consequence.

Also, elements seemed so heavily borrowed from Tolkien, such as the walking trees and the flood to destroy the horsemen at the river crossing.

Finally, some of the major plot elements seemed far-fetched if the religious overtones are overlooked. For example, I understand that Asland is supposed to be Christ as he would be in Narnia, but if you ignore that fact and just watch the movie, it seems ridiculous that Asland would just let so many Narnians die just so that they would realize that they needed his help and were hopeless without him. It just seemed plain selfish and cruel to me.


Despite my complaints, it's still definitely a worthwhile fantasy film. It definitely should have earned more than a PG rating, though.
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Dang i want to see this movie. im just so busy! Anyone want to take me?

Originally Posted by iamntbatman
It definitely should have earned more than a PG rating, though.
im pretty much saying this for almost every movie these days even though im 16. here in Canada anything 14A would be 18A in the states.

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I really liked this one, especially the storyline. I only read the first book, never the second so I'm not sure how close to it this installment follows.

My favorite scene in the film is when Nikkabrick nearly persuades Caspian to summon the Queen back for help against the Telmerans. The summoners were pretty cool looking too.

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