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This is a discussion on Calling all Vegans within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Originally Posted by iamntbatman Edit: Kym posted and locked the thread while I was still typing. If anyone wants to respond to my comments ...

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Originally Posted by iamntbatman View Post
Edit: Kym posted and locked the thread while I was still typing. If anyone wants to respond to my comments feel free to PM me!
You should feel free to trump me whenever you want, iamntbatman!
I opened the thread back up as our conversation tone is fine. I thought Mean Harri meant for me to close it and we all know you better not make Mean Harri mad.

I've got mixed feelings on the captivity of wild animals, and I'm not a vegan. I agree that without human intervention the panda could go the way of the dodo bird. There are other species that need human intervention but then there are others that do not.
Killer Whales and Dolphins help in captivity? No reason or excuse to keep these animals confined to a pen. SeaWorld and similar themed parks keep these marine mammals for no other reason that I can tell except to make a profit.
I saw a documentary this year called, "The Cove". It was a brilliant, horrifying and eye opening movie that is up for an Oscar this year. I hope so badly that it wins so many more people will see it. IMO, a fundamental change needs to happen as far as our regard for marine mammals. Sheesh, I didn't mean to's just something that I feel very strongly about.
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you're driving me bananas here...I typed up this nice reply yesterday and when I hit submit "sorry thread closed" and now it's open again.....GIRLS!!!

I'm vegetarian not vegan; and I also keep plenty critters well fed inside & outside the house....I think the biggest thing IMO is keep it natural & fair.
Eg don't put your active Lab Dog in a 3x3ft pen and be surprised when its turning mean, they need to run.
If you can't afford a proper housing for whatever animal you have, or the needed activity or the proper food - Do not house them that simple!
I pers hate seen dogs penned up & chained up. I also hate seeing dolphins in them lil poos there when naturally they have the whole ocean, I also don't like it then people stock their lil tanks with big fish and then say "oh well I can't afford a larger one and will keep them there".

Now for the food itself; pers I simply don't eat it and hadn't in well over 20yrs now simply cause I'm a persona that pictures EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME may that be something you say or something on my plate...I picture it and when I look at meat I think of their families and wonder how they used to live and picture their faces etc etc and yea well I just can't eat it
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See what I started on myself? Now when I eat meat I start thinking about this thread and vegetarians and vegans. Then I almost start to feel guilty. Now, as I sit here typing and eating a succulent roast with carrots, the guilt subsides. And partially due to the thought I had today.

Some people talk to plants. They play music for them and touch them for stimulation. I suppose some people believe plants have feelings and this music, talking, etc... helps them. Then I asked myself: Eric, do you suppose plants can feel? If so, what must they feel when they are plucked from the earth and thrown in to a basket? Or when a big giant tractor runs them down and hacks them off and tosses them in to the back of the wagon. I've heard as well that plants may scream too. What if they can? Imagine the horror of screams they must be yelling. And the numerous mumblings of squashed plants in the bottom of the wagon and baskets because they are buried under the depths of their kin. Let's not forget the stinging burn of aerial applications as well. Or the automated irrigation sprinklers as they churn their way mowing some plants down with the wheels. Oh the horror. And then the plants are alive starving without the roots being planted.

But a cow? BOOM it's dead. No pain, no suffering. Think about that would ya. Poor plants.
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Dang dude..I'm hanging on to my desk here in tears right now laughing.........
I mean yea if you draw this plant- Holocaust picture it does sorta kinda sound cruel......Had you consulted your garden yet about its feelings???
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On a nother note....if you say the plants are influenced by music....and my 45g's plants are exploding think that got something to do with the surround sound of hubby's xbox???.....maybe I should let him test play for few weeks in my office......but then where to do I move?
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The plant growth could very well be from the music. Put on some Metallica and see if they sway to the music.
I haven't consulted my garden because I don't have one. But there is a big farm field behind my house. Maybe I should go ask them this summer. I'll have to listen for their screams.
I Googled "do plants scream" Some of what I read briefly was yes, yes they do. So now what? Oh and this just hit me. There is obviously living organisms in the air we breathe and water we drink. What about killing those when drinking and breathing? Or the invisible things we can't see that are on us and die when we scratch? It's just no win I'm afraid.
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Uhm...well.....he's playing Call of Duty most in my ears that's not exactly *music* LOL

Metallica ... hadn' listened to that in a very long time; good idea!!!!

You know now being honest...I don't give no 2 cents about any of this.....and sorry if I'm offending someone here now.....the only reason I have issues with this meat stuff apart from the obvious, like the meat for my hubby is all this bad stuff happening with the meat sources yaddy ya on the news...but even here I found a solution; We're in Cow central here so to speak; there's matter of fact more cows & chickens around me on this Rd then I talk to the good ole boy with his cows...surprisingly enough we have a slaughter house down the Rd too and well you get GOOD meat...where I can literally sit & watch what they eat and know what they DON'T get injected with each day...and well then one day Emma get's off the pasture into the trailer and well later on we have lil package in the house for the freezer....And acc to my "meat eater" its supposedly tasting so much better then the store stuff...
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PS as for my Veggie garden I hadn't heard no screams last year...but it dang sure tasted good
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Treat Dolphins Like Persons, Scientists Say

Just thought you guys would be interested in this...

In my mind I see nothing wrong with the consumption of meat. We are omnivores by nature and I see nothing wrong with sticking to it. I do not condone the use of hormones and the like, the reason I buy Kosher meats because I know where they come from and how they are killed. I consider myself an active person as well as a healthy one. I even went vegetarian for a few months and honestly I didn't feel any different except I was hungry a lot more often. And personally aren't plant not living? Aren't you still destroying a life? But that's my mind. I don't see a benefit in it, nor a consequence, except they seem a little less "meatier." Sorry that's the best word I could think of. But in the end, to each his own.
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In looking at that link Kelso I was thinking: We need to train those dolphins to bring us those plants that the dolphin was playing with. Or eating, whatever he's doing with it. Free aquarium plants for the win.
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