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The art and zen of Pizza

Around here Mondays are pizza night.

As some of you know my youngest daughter is autistic, so on Monday's we order pizza and I always order a cheese for her (hawaiian for me and my other daughter).

Tonight it was funny - she didn't want the cheese, but the hawaiian - but first I had to remove all the pineapple and ham

LOL - gotta love her!
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I have an autistic cousin as well and he likes cheeseburgers without the cheese.
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My mom made garlic bread one time, without the garlic. We tease her about it every once in awhile.
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ROFL - cheeseburgers hold the cheese!! Love that!
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Garlic bread without the garlic...LOL. I'll have to use that when making an example of something. "Pffft... That's like making garlic bread without the garlic"
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LOL well she just wanted to try something different Still had the Ham & Pineapple juice flavor on it for starters - She just wanted to take small steps to venture into new things

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Wow I am surprised she went for something different in the first place. They definitely do not like change. But that is too cute! :)

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I was shocked to say the least, because routine is a staple at our house.

She freaked out on Sunday because we left the church building through a different door. I even have to take the same route driving from daycare to pre-school or it can throw her into a meltdown. I once had to go to three stores to find a certain type of toothpaste (it had to have spongebob on the tube).

So pizza tonight was a small breakthrough -

hmm... now if I could just change fish-sticks night - I can't believe how guilty I feel eating fish sticks while the fish are looking at me (the goldfish are currently on the kitchen table)
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i love hawaiian pizza!! making me want some!!!

that is funny about cheeseburgers with no cheese!

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Good for her, trying new things! :)

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