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Thumbs up Any runners, surfers, hikers, etc?

It's been so nice out lately that I'm wondering what all of you are spending your time doing?

I myself run. I've been working my way back up to it from breaking my leg last fall though. So it's more of a steady jog. :P
A group of good friends and I also go around to the state parks and forest preserves and hike when it's warmer. I'm looking forward to starting that again.
I also am looking to get back into biking. Did it a lot when I was about 10-15, but then stopped. I'll probably get a new bike this summer and start with that. I can also take the bike with me to college and ride there. :)

So what do you guys do? Whether it's yoga, walking/jogging/running, hiking, surfing, baseball, skateboarding, etc etc... tell!
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Surfing! That's my number one choice of activity!
When the waves are crapola I can either go mountain biking w/ my dogs, hiking w/ my dogs, attend yoga classes (I've got an awesome studio I go to), ride my road bike or do yard work. I never run out of yard work and sometimes wish I would!
I also have a boat and slalom ski on a tournament lake but I haven't been out since last summer. I need to get fired up about doing that but it's so much prep work (and money!) that sometimes I wish I never bought a boat.
I envy you that you are able to run. I had to give it up when I was in my 30s as my back simply couldn't handle the pounding anymore. Glad your leg is healing and you can get back out there.

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Awesome. I wish I lived near the beach that I could learn to surf.
I would take my dog with me, but he's small so he gets tired fast. Yoga is fun too! They have a unit in my gym class on it, quite relaxing.
I also know how you feel about yard work. Lol. I help out with the flowers and garden in our yard. Takes a lot of time.

I just took these pictures today for my greenhouse before & after project. Some of them are still a work in progress, obviously.

Needs a lot of work.

My favorite one!

Still needs some work.

My dog likes to pee in this one.

Absolute mess, lol.

Blackberry bushes.

Haven't even touched this one.

We also have a large vegetable garden, but it's not eve tilled yet.

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Are those pictures of your yard? What a fantastic yard! I see what you mean about alot of work, that's a big piece of property! Thanks for sharing the pics.

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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I grew up horseback riding and I knew of nothing else until my back injury which stopped me from doing the one thing I absolutely loved. I also was on my tennis team and found out that I was really good at it!lol I've been trying to get out to play, but I'm still recovering from my stupid bruised bone. *rolls eyes* Great yard! My mom has about 8 big gardens that were horrible to clean so I know how much work that is. :P

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Yes, they're of my yard. It's just under a half an acre. Pretty common for houses here.
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I plan to do a bit of hiking these next few months. I'm going to be hiking around LA around the san gabriel mountains and then go up to yosemite over july 4th. Along with that, I plan on doing some biking during the summer. Winter just ended, but I did quite a bit of skiing and a little bit of snowboarding. :]
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I don't do any of that kind of stuff. I've never been athletic and I've always had bad knees but I admire all of you who run, surf, bike, etc. I did ski one year when I lived in Colorado and I loved it.
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I ski, play basketball, volleyball, bike, badminton... yeah. :)

In the hobby for 9 years.
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I LOVE badminton! Probably because I love tennis A little different but pretty much the same idea. :P

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