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£3.97 kettle from tesco - dont do it!

i have been working all afternoon and night on my thermodynamics final lab report. i wasnt finished but was certainly getting there when i decided i would go and have a wee cup of coffee...

i plugged in my brand spanking new £3.97 kettle from tesco, switched it on, and the lights went out. the computer went off. the fish tanks went off.


so my cheap kettle was faulty and tripped my breaker for the kitchen RMU, causing me to loose my report (i know i should save but i always get carried away and dont do it)

a lesson is to be learned here folks, some would say it is to save work periodically; i say - do not buy cheap £3.97 kettles form tesco - its not worth it!
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Doesnt Word automatically save the data for you? It did to me, my computer went bonkers the night before a huge speech was due and shutdown.

But ill take that in mind if I ever live in the UK.

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you can set it to automatically save data every "x" minutes but i hadnt. i know i should have. also i think thats when word shuts itself down kinda thing. im not sure that in the case of power cuts or turning your comp off without shutting down it will still do it. ive started again anyway and am plodding through it again. gonna be an all nighter though (something im getting awful used to doing these days with the semester coming to an end)

however, thanks for the wee bit advice
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...don't you just hate it when you loose stuff?...

...drives me batty...I've gotten quite good at compulsive saving over the years...

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we are forgetting that the problem is the cheap tesco kettle, not the lack of saving

(anything but blame myself)
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ahhh, im afraid i have to disagree here! ive had my cheap £3.97 kettle from tesco for nearly 3 years!!!! u got the dodgy 1 for a reason! i believe in fate, perhaps a spelling mistake in ur report ;)
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