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That is very much the kind of response I was hoping to get (even though I didn't really ask for it). Thank you very much for that input, and I will look into the 8 gallon bio-cube. If I do end up going with a 3 gallon given that, it will be for the bedroom and no office tank then, even then I doubt I will. (Unless I can talk the doctor into letting me setup a nice 120 gallon!) Most doctors in our area have a saltwater tank.. why not mine too? LOL. That is one thing I kept seeing come up, it seemed like not many people have had picos for more than a few months(up to a year), and I kept wandering why!
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Glad I could help. I worried that my info sounded too negative and would cause issues, but I had to be honest. I have had those tanks many times over the years, each time I set one up I modified whatever possible to try to make it work... it never lasts for long.

Probably the biggest achievement was the tiny cube tank we had at the store on our counter for display. We managed to keep it going for a couple of years, but it was a very boring tank that required alot of time and work. We put 1 mushroom in there and it got big enough to take up the entire tank... so that was all we got into it. That tank was about 1 gallon. That mushroom grew but we never got real good color from it and 1 mushroom in a tank by itself is not very exciting. It was set up as a display to show the versatility of the small tank, but the lack of heater finally wiped it out overnight, and we never sold one for saltwater because we understood first hand how impractical it was.

If you go with a 3 gallon, it would be a good idea to find a way to cover it. And I can even suggest a heater for you to try, as its the only one I know of that would fit into that size of a tank... but no promises it will maintain a stable enough temp for a reef. Its made by Hydor.. they actually have a couple of options, but they are not cheap and also require careful watch on the tank stats to be sure they are working properly at all times. A cover on the tank would help to insulate it by trapping heat & humidity at the water's surface, and would also help lower evaporation rate to some degree. You would want to wipe it welll each day/night when doing the water change to ensure spg/salinity stay somewhat stable, and to prevent salt creep from taking it over. I do not suggest a cover that hangs over the edges of the tank, as salt creep will work its way out and beyond very quickly...

Keep us posted on what you end up with, and be sure to post pictures when you set up whatever tank you work with.

I wish I could answer your questions about the sps corals, but that will be reliant on tank depth, lighting used, and how far the light sits from the surface of the water, along with how stable you can keep the water chemistry... the best I can offer is that it will be species specific and likely require some trial/error, and possibly some losses to figure out what will and won't work. In the 8 gallon biocube, however, I would expect you to have great luck with most anything you can want to put into it. You may want/need to change bulbs from those included to accommodate some things or build up with rock for placement close enough to the surface, but I am very familiar with how the biocubes are set up and they are a perfect solution for anyone who wants a small reef. I am currently running a 29 biocbue reef and I can't wait to set up another. Everything has grown so fast it is amazing, and I do very little to this tank other than add water and food, the ocassional scraping of coraline from the glass, and trimming out the overgrowth or red grape caulerpa weekly. I posted some photos of it the other night, its the only aquarium profile I have yet posted here. Feel free to take a look. I would never go back to a standard or other tank for a small reef now that I've been running this biocube. I can't say enough about them and my husband works at the company, so I have easy access to any needed help I may run across in the future. If you should decide to work with the biocube, you can contact me directly for any tech support needs and get faster service.

Best of luck to you!

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI

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