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I'm spoiled I suppose... my local marine stores have rock that have gone through the curing already... I just go pick it up and take it home so no, there is no need to re-cure it. Course it is more expensive.

Like you said though.. cured rock can, if shipped improperly or delayed, become un-cured and have to be re-cured, so yeah, if you don't have a local fish store that can cure for you and have to have it shipped, you'll probably have to cure no matter what.

But yeah... it is perfectly fine to cure rock in your main aquarium... I wasn't trying to suggest there was anything wrong with it... just.. smelly. And in all honesty, the odor largely depends on how much dead life you have coming off the rocks, and how festidious you are about getting all that out of the water.
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You will be fine placing your rock directly into the tank. It will not harm the inhabitants at a later date. You will benefit more from this anyways as your pods and plankton like critters will flourish in the predator free environment. You'll get a jumpstart on everything as not much activity goes on in dark trash can. such a small amount in that little tank shouldn't leave you looking for hotel rooms.

Keep your bioload tiny and plan to do weekly water changes and you won't need a skimmer. A little on the lazy side like 95% of us, get a skimmer to remove waste from the system completely and then plan on monthly partial water changes. Depending upon the model you buy it could be difficult to actually incorporate a skimmer into the design. The Red Sea Nano that was released has a small unit built in.
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Thanks everyone for the comments and ideas. I have looked at the Red Sea Nano... wow! I love it! But for that price I could convert my 50g breeder tank into a salty. If I do that then I could go with an
AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer with Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump.

The thing I've noticed with the pod designs.. is there is little room for modifications. I'm still not sure how I would get a skimmer hooked to the one I put on layaway.

Seems like converting might be the way to go... plus it would give me more space to work with.
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Type nano tuner into a search engine and you'll quickly be amazed.

People are building chillers and MH lighting directly into the old hoods. Way to many mods to decide what to do. Keep in mind that the most commonly tweaked units are the JBJ pods. They started and created the biotope design. Oceanic came on the scene a little later, followed by Current Aquapods, and now Red Sea. There are numerous other little brands inbetween as well. Choosing the right one can be just as difficult as designing your own tank.

My girl was going to buy me the Current Aquapod that came with a 250w halide built in. At first I loved that tank, but then I slowly realized it was just a plain old light fixture tossed over a 24g cube. Nothing much more special than that. When I thought about how many "nano" type fish were jumpers I quickly passed on that tank. It would have been great if I only wanted SPS and shrimp. I feel the Red Sea tank is really spot on for a clean look tank. Like you said it is, or is comparable, in price to building your own. It is intended for people that like that "clean look". Doctors office, tiny apt and don't want to see all that equipment or cords, etc..
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fresh water n salt water both have the same ammonia, nitrates n nitrites.use some USED media from them and put it into the other filter to help.thats wat i did. u can buy chemicals that have nitrifying bacteria in them, when applying it, do it at the same time u put the media in, sprey some in there, and some in the water n u should be saving urself some time, ANY LFS has them im pretty sure...i use NitroBac
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