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Here is the rockwork for my Biocube 29. What do you guys think? Its consists of 25lbs of liveaquair "real reef" live rock (man made) and 10lbs of live fiji rock of LFS.

I had a question on two of the pictures:
  1. What is the small thing growing on the the brown rock (looks like a "star" flower)?
  2. What is the red stuff growing on the rocks (coralline algae)?
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Aiptasia. Smoke that thing now before it spreads.
Red stuff, can't tell yet. Possibly Coralline. Can't really tell yet.
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Ok, I only see two that originally came on the rock. So, can I just pull it off to kill it and prevent it from spreading?
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No, they won't just pull off, anything left can grow back. Rock looks new, take em out and boil them. Or you can shoot them in the mouth using a syringe and lemon juice, or Joes Juice, not alot mind you, but that will kill them. Shooting boiling water at them, you have to be precise and yoiu have to hit them a few times.
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Ok, I'll try lemon juice.
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Saw Something New

The rock that contain the aiptasia (picture in original post) has green bugs crawling on it. They are a little bit bigger than copepod size. Any thoughts? Is there a reliable reference I can use to identify such creatures?
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