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Question new 20 gallon aquarium

i just set up a new 20 gallon tank and ive got my fish in this little 3 gallon tank (i thought that tank was big enough for my three fish but its not so i went out and got a new 20 gallon tank) its all set up and my fish dont look very happy in that little tank. one is trying to jump out. how long do i HAVE TO wait to put my very unhappy fish in my new 20 gallon tank??? i already put all the salt, conditioner, ect. in, how long MUST i wait????
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what type of fish do you have? have you done any testing of the water? what equipment do you have in the 20 gallon tank? what type of filter? what type of lighting? do you have live rock? live sand? how much of it do you have? do you have a cleanup crew?

there's a lot of questions before anyone can give you a proper straight answer

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Just wondering if you did any research or reading at all on saltwater fish before you put them into a 3 gallon, to my knowledge there aren't any fish recommended for this size tank, this would be a good size for a betta fish IMO
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Is this a freshwater tank? It sounds like a freshwater tank with 1 teaspoon of salt added per gallon. Is this the case? I think you posted in the wrong section.

If not. If this is actually a marine tank....

First of all, shame on you for not doing research ahead of time. Marine tanks are not easy and require a certain level of knowledge to be acquired. That being said, post some pictures of the equipment and fish and we will try to help.
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I too hope it's just in the wrong section...
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