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nano.... new to this..

hello saltwater forum, ive never been to this side of TFK... hopefully now ill be here more often (fore shadowing ) okay so for christmas ive asked for a nano aquarium for my desk area max 10 gallons, origanallly i thought freshwater shrimp tank!! but then i was wondering perhaps saltwater? so yesterday i decided to dive in a few "begginers and for dummies books" to learn whats the differences and the new tech that ill be dealing with, i have a good idea now of basically everything! but go easy on the names of everything im still new to this.. i always wanted a saltwater aquarium when i was little but my parents brain washed me to think that if i so much touched the glass everything would die but now that i realize its not that bad (still alot more challenging then freshwater) <----- from what ive read. id like to have a small nano reef or pico reef i think its called aswell. i would want to get something 5-10 gallons nothing huge. now i really wanna plan ahead so that this is a success! now first off id like to know what are good nano kits to purchase? that comes with proper lighting for easy corals, and good flow... i saw an aquarium called the IQ5, i like its shape and its 5 gallons. im really expierienced with freshwater aquariums, i have had all types with success and still have 3 right now running nicely so id just like to try something new.

now for this nano, assuming i get the IQ3, can anyone give me a list of equipment needed to have succes with this nano? also any advice and precautions regarding this tank is really appreciated.

my plan for the future of this tank is to have atleast 2 small fish, 1-2 shrimp or crab and whatevr else invertabrates, also would love to have lots of easy to grow corals!

and can some one give me advice for feeding corals and fish?

lastly is the water can some one give me proper paremeters and how to measure/stabilize them when neccesary?

and how to add new saltwater... like when doing a water change?

thanks for all help! any advice is takin!


fish tanks are my tv.........

i need more tvs
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Hello there!!
First off, I would not run anything less than a 10 gallon tank. If you go less you will not be adding any fish, and the Live Rock and Live Sand will take up the majority of a smaller tank, and there is really no fish that would fit in such a small tank.
Assuming 10g tank:
You'll need 10-20 pounds of Live Rock or Macro Rock.
10-15 pounds Live Sand or Crushed Coral
2 100gph Powerheads for water movement.
Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquariums: Fish Tanks and Aquariums
Feeding fish would be once a day or every other day. No flake food.
Corals would be target fed, probably Mysis Shrimp or such, using a trukey baster.
Tops offs in a SW tank are done using just water, preferably RO/DI or Distilled water. Water Changes are done using Water Mixed up 24 hours before use, with the Salinity and Temp brought to your Display Tank range.
You'll not need a Skimmer in such a small tank either.
Water Parameters that would be checked in a Reef Tank are as follows.
SG- 1.025-1.027
PH- 7.8-8.4, preferably 8.0-8.4
Magnesium- 1250-1350
Alkalinity- 8-12
Temps 78-82, try keeping in the lower range
Ammonia- 0
Nitrites- 0
Nitrates- 0-30 depending on what Corals yoiu do indeed get, may be lower from 0-10
Phosphates- 0
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#1-Dry Rock, there are a few hitchhikers on Live Rock that people want to stay away from, so they opt for using Dry Rock, or Dead Rock. Macro Rock is a good place to start looking for that. Either way you go you will need a minimum of 1lb per gallon.

#2-Replacement filter media like filter floss and activated carbon (if you get a filter) Which is really not necessary.

#3-Multiple Power heads (2 or 3) 10x your water volume for just a Fish Only With Live Rock, and at least 20x your water volume for a Reef Tank. So lets say your going reef, and you have a 100g tank, you would need flow in that tank at minimum of 2000gph, or 2 1000gph power heads.

#4-Protein Skimmer, rated at 2 times your water volume. Unless your tank is under 30g, in which case you can do 10% water changes a week to rid the system of detrius. But, you'll have to watch the water parameters close, if things go haywire, you'll have to do more water changes.

#5-Saltwater Test Kits. Reef Test Kit. Test for Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, PH, Phosphates, Calcium, ALK and Magnesium.

#6-Saltwater fish food. Mysis Shrimp, Squid, Cyclopease, Algae Sheets, Romaine . Flake food is not really a good food to feed your marine fish.

#7-Aquarium vacuum. This one is iffy. Most don't use one, if you have enough flow in the tank you won’t need one

#8-Rubber kitchen gloves

#9-Fish net

#10-Two, clean, never used before, 5-gallon buckets

#11-Aquarium thermometer, digital being the best.

#12-Brush with plastic bristles (old tooth brush) - needed for cleaning the live rock if you don't get Fully Cured Live Rock.

#13-Power Strip, possibly GFCI outlets by the tank.

#14-Optional but definitely recommend getting a Reverse Osmosis or RO/Deionization filter for the make-up water, and a barrel for storing the water.

#15-Possibly a Quarantine Tank for your new fish. They sit in here for a few weeks to kill off parasites and bacteria, to keep it from getting in your main tank

#16-Heater rated for your size tank.

#17-Saltwater Mix. Marine Salt. Instant Ocean is the cheap Salt that beginners and Advanced use alike.

#18-Saltwater Hydrometer or even better a Refractometer, which is more accurate. There is also a Digital Meter that is way advanced if you have the cash.

#19-Aquarium filter (not absolutely necessary if running with adequate amounts of live rock, but nice to have if you need to use a mechanical filter or activated carbon, or GFO and such)

#20-Aquarium substrate such as live sand or crushed coral. Some go bare Bottom, others choose the 2-3" bottom, others, more advanced will try the Deep Sand Bed, which is over 6" deep.

Volusion Demo Store

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle and cycling. Methods for ammonia, nitrite removal.

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power heads in Pumps | eBay

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MarcoRocks Aquarium Products

Bulk Dry Live Rock & Live Sand - Bulk Reef Supply

Live Rock and Live Sand: Live Saltwater Aquarium Rock and Sand

Fish & Aquarium Supplies: Marine Substrates, Sand, Crushed Coral, Live Sand

Aquarium Lighting; Reef, Planted Light Information. PAR, Bulb, Watt, Kelvin, Nanometers, MH, LED.

What Your Coral Needs | Successful Reef Keeping

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Aquarium Salt Mix: Salt for Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Aquariums
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If you have an extra hob filter for a 40-50g tank, I've seen them modifed into sumps for chaeto algae, and they also create a lot of water movement...

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Thats a pretty extensive and detailed list of what is needed.....

Peace always..

If you worry you die, and if you don't worry you still die..... so why worry?
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ahh okay.. so ill make a list on my iphone for when i go to my lfs... is anyone familiar with big als? thats where i get my stuff for all my freshwater stuff and they have alot of marine equipment and livestock too

i have all the cleaning equipment and buckets

i think ill go for some 10 gallon cube tank for more space

i heard LED's are alot better for lighting cause they dont produce heat

would it be best buying some empty tank and just buying equipment for it? or buying some set at the store?
ill most likely get help from some guy there with buying stuff..

but thats a great list thank you!

how long should i setup this tank? like have it cycle and settle can anyone give me steps ect?

and what would be a good stock for a ten gallon begginer reef.. nano tank?

fish tanks are my tv.........

i need more tvs
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Stock for a Nano Tank:
Saltwater Aquarium Corals for Marine Reef Aquariums: Nano Corals
Nano Fish

LED's are your best bet. If you get just a plain 10g tank, Marineland sells a LED hood for it. IMO, buying a tank and setting it up yourself is cheaper than buying one with all the equipment that you don't need.
Be careful getting all your stuff from the LFS, as these guys are there to sell you things, we on the other hand are not.
Cycling a new tank differs, if you buy Fully Cured Live Rock, you can put fish in after 3 days. If you buy dry rock your looking at normal 4-6 week cycling time. I don't like short cuts like using Ammonia, although I'm sure there is someone that can fill yoiu in on how to do it. To many mistakes have been made and messed up the tank that I've seen.
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okay so first ill buy an empty 10 gallon tank
then buy cured live rock.. 15 lbs? and about 2 inch of crushed coral sand?
should i buy water first from my store..? and for "making" saltwater... i add the aquarium salt into a bucket with a heater and wait until my paremeters are correct? i should add declorinator aswell?
buy a powerhead suitable for my tank size (how many gph?)
get a heater, i heard that keeping a stable temp is really important how do i ensure this?
buy suitable light for some corals (LED)ive seen those arches for LEDs i think thats what id get
aquarium filter (put carbon inside.. anything else?) can it be small if its not neccasary?
Do i need a lid so theres less evapouration? and i heard you add freshwater to replace evapouration..? how does that work?
ill get testing kits for everything and the hydrometer
if i cant get to my store in lets say after a month... is it okay to leave a tank for that long? because my store is rather far from my house...
is protein skimmer neccasary? because of the size of my tank..?

for stocking im clueless... so i have a few questions..
do i only mix fish from similar areas..?
are there fish that prefer different water paremeters (like freshwater fish) how do i change paremters if to high or low? if my water has too high of a salinity.. do i add freshwater.... sorry if i sound stpid here... but im really new and dont want anything bad..

i really like clown fish, especially the tomatos and skunks i like odd ones... inly if theyre possible of course... only one though.. and an anemone? idk if its okay or not :S

id want maybe one or two more fish like a goby or two? or perhaps a goby and damsel.. please fill me in with good stocking!

and invertabrates.. will i need a "cleaning crew?"
and could i get one shrimp or two? (plz reccomend species)

corals id want maybe 5 or 6 different things around my tank... if thats possible

thanks once again for helping a noob!

fish tanks are my tv.........

i need more tvs
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15lbs of Live Rock, and 2" Sand Bed is perfect.
No reason to buy SW from the LFS, just make sure you use RO or RO/DI or Distilled water for yours. Mix the water is a container leave sit for 24 hours prior to use. Throw a heater and a powerhead in the container.
No need for a filter or carbon. You can run carbon if you'd like to , but its not necessary to run it 24-7. It has been known to cause HLLE in Marine Fish.
The Clown Fish you have chosen would not work, as those 2 get really big. An Occellaris would be ok, as most do put them in 10g tanks. Tomato and Skunks get to be around 4-6" and have a much different swim pattern than the Occ Clown.
No need for a Skimmer in a 10g tank, as doing weekly water changes will keep up with the nutrient export.
Goby would be a fine fish to start with.
CUC would be of your choice. You can have more than one Shrimp, as long as one of them is not a Coral Band Shrimp or Camel Shrimp.
No need for a lid on the tank, evap is going to happen anyways, the gas exchange is best with no lid. To top off your water just use RO or RO/DI or Distilled water, not SW. When doing water changes you will need SW that is same temp and SG as your DT water.
With LEDs you'll be able to keep any coral of your liking, your just going to have to learn how to Frag and trim them up in such a small tank.
Aquarium Hoods & Canopies: Marineland LED Aquarium Hood
Saltwater Aquarium Corals for Marine Reef Aquariums: Nano Corals
Aquarium Snails: Sea Snail Species and Aquatic Saltwater Snails
Aquarium Shrimp: Cleaner Shrimp Pistol and Coral Banded Shrimp
Saltwater Crabs: Hermit Crab Species for Saltwater Tanks
Nano Fish
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