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Looking into starting nano reed tank, need help

This is a discussion on Looking into starting nano reed tank, need help within the Nano Reef forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Ok great idea for the checklist, Im making it up a draft now I have a question as to the benefit of leds on ...

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Looking into starting nano reed tank, need help
Old 04-12-2011, 03:12 PM   #11
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Ok great idea for the checklist, Im making it up a draft now

I have a question as to the benefit of leds on the coralife t5 fixtures like the one posted below, Im sure they look cool and everything but Im just wondering if the expense is worth it in the end. I like how I can also fit 4 t5's on this one.

Coralife Lunar Aqualight High output T5 Fixtures Aquarium Light Fixtures

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Old 04-13-2011, 07:42 AM   #12
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in this case the LED's are only for night viewing after the main lights are off... LED fixtures in the realm of 10,000k and up are very very expensive but energy saving so its a choice..... now again i am a budget minded guy so i personally dont see shy not go cheaper ( i like Aquatraders.com) some folks will argue that you get what you pay for and to a point i would agree but some things are simply not worth paying for a name.... again this is not law just my opinion.
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Old 04-19-2011, 04:30 PM   #13
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Hey bear(seeing as your the only one who has responded on this post lol)

Just wanted to give a rundown of my checklist. Ive decided on most(half) of the items I will buy and how I will go about doing this tank up.

1. Skimmer- Ive decided to go either with the Odyssea or coralife skimmer. The thing is since Im new then Id rather go with something more established then odyssea(reviews showed people were able to identify probelms and abonormalities and I dont think I would be able too). Although the price is great.

2. Powerheads- Seeing as I dont know what I am stocking yet. I can hold off until last minute and Ill pick up anything thats on sale

3. Salt- Oceanic salt...How big of an order should I go on this one. Will I really need 200 gallons worth of salt eventually or just go with the smaller 50 gallon order

4. Light- I dont want to limit myself in the long run with corals but do not want to deal with metal halides so I am stumped!

I do like this one however

Aquarium Lighting for Nano Reef Aquariums: Viper HQI Metal Halide Clamp Lamp



I know leds are not tested with longevity but still interesting. Im not wild about metal halides being hot and the cost of bulbs.

I am between these and the odyssea models like the halides or t5''s(just havent researched much about how people vouch for them and if they will limit choice of corals)

5. Live rock/sand

Researched and found someone recommended these products to someone else starting out on here

40Lb Bahama Aragonite sand <br>(shipping included)<br>(*All sand ships USPS priority mail*) - BAS40

40 Pound box Key Largo Rock, <br>40 Pounds Bahamas Aragonite Sand<BR>Free Shipping<br> *in the continental US*<br>(*All sand ships USPS priority mail*) - KL40-40

6. Sump/overflow

I might go with aquatraders overflow as it might just be better then screwing it up on my own a few times. And I am stumped on the diameter of pvc I should go with and which pump I should use.

I will go with a refugium though with some cheato and the return pump in the middle. I dont know if this makes sense to anyone reading it but Im sure someones seen it.

7. RO unit- I found many on ebay that are good prices but I dont know how many stages of RO I should get. Can i get some help?

8. Test kit- API but should I get the reef kit or saltwater kit?

This is all I have at the moment. Any suggestion on any of these?

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