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okay thank you very much =]

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Uploading sump pics now :d
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kk these frst three are of the tank at beggining empty, then filed with equipment, then stocked with sand, algae, live rock etc. (notice the sump at the beggining had on a sock filter which i removed because fish was goin into sump as well as copepods? and i didnt want them to die).

This is the first chamber (equipment and drain) of the refugium/ contains (protien skimmer, heater, and drain pipiping from display tank

This is the second chamber (filter, macro algae, livestock/copeods nest) , ( it is split by three additional sheets of glass the outer two touch the ground, while the middle is from the top and has about 2-3 inch clearance from between the right two is a shelf separating the algae) appologize for the water marks on glass just noticed and im to lazy to clean n retake pics srry lol

The final chamber (return pump, sand, live rock, livestock) onl has sand, live rock and the return pump as well as water level markings and an amonia detector and thermometer

to the left of that mounted and drilled on wall are the electrical sockets and powerstrip to prevent them from getting wet ( two lights, thermometer, protein skimmer, and return pump)

Next ill show you the path the water takes (from the return pump) up to the tank and back down again)

Return pump (sucks in the water and pushes up {pond pump}

piping then leads to the control pipe with the red lever which controls speed and amount of water going up to the display tank as well as water movement in display tnak

which then leads the water straight up and splits into a letter T, allowing the water to go to two powerheads on both sides of the tank

left powerhead

better view of both power-heads and the next step which is the overflow box (basically a box that separates part of the tank where its drilled) heads are fully adjustable

water fills up the tank then begins to over flow into hollow box (but first, it is nice to put some type of screening or mesh on the top as i did to prevent fish from jumping into it on accident or small things such as crabs n shrimp

screen removed here is the pipe and the black plastic is there with a small drilled hole to make the whole system quiet as well as to let the water rise higher and controlling the amount of water going back down

black plastic removed

pipe removed

better view of pipe design an how it all comes apart

ok so as it goes into that pipe three pics up it goes out the tank through the drilled hole pipe on the right (left is the powerhead pipe)

then falls down this pipe

which then drains back into the sump :D

oh and the sock filter :D which mine is currently removed will put back on soon

I hope this is what you needed or were asking for :D, and i also hope i wasnt to detailed and explaining :(, let me know if you understand it
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oh and sorry for my pics always being so large lol dnt take time out to resize them
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OK....SO SINCE i have a refugium on the saltwater it requiers alot less maintanence so i been concentrating on my tropical tank and my small tank........ha got another puffer too :D this time a figure 8 and its not eating fish it to handle my snail population reachin over 50 and iim scared becaues he basically ate them all up in less than a week :/ ohhh and i been to busy with my baby fish :D long story short i was doing a water change on my 37 gallon and when i was done i examined water and bam baby fish swimming on surface i freaked since i have no idea when theywere born n put them in my breeder net saved 5 :D not so bad , pretty sure they came from the only two guppys i have in there, shes been fat for a while i thought shed explode....n e way enough rambling, now that im back on here ive been lookin at my saltwater tank, other than the two lemon juice plants, i decided i wanted to cure all my problems at once,

1) red bubble algae (was on rocks i kocked off now it spread to sand and rocks) how to remove, certain livestock that eats it? or chemical?

2) brown algae on glass ( i have a glass scrapper butd some areas rock is to close to the glass and i cant get to so i would like to not have to worry about

ummmmmmmm wat else..... oh yah

3) im pretty sure i want one more fish, and a cuc
right now all i have in my tank after i returend some livestock (there missions were complete lol)
1) clown
2) firefish goby
3) blue spotted goby
4) purple lobster
5) electric blue porcelan crab
6) emerald crab
7) frogspawn

so the two gobys already found there main homes so they dont go far......i bought the blue spotted goby thinking hed put the sand in his mouth and clean it n filter it lke i saw some at my lfs doing, he does nothing he just sits in his cave comes out and attacks food i give or to let fish know its his cave ;/

so i want a fish that swims high like the clown so they can play but i also want a fish that will sand, and algae but thats two different groups of fish ;( any ideas?

also i want something to celan algae on rocks...i had a clearner shrimp returned him after my tank got started....what would you reccomend? i need someone devoted to celaning anything i dont want on rocks, like algae, bubble algae, and some pest anemone any ideas?

i want basically a better cuc i guess whihc includes one fish and one invertabrate? idk help if u understand me ha
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that's perfect! it gives me sooo many ideas for mine! i love the homemade power heads it eliminates some expenses. what brand of protein skimmer do you have? the only thing im gonna do diferent is the hole in the back of the tank i dont want to drill glass it makes me uneasy so im going to do a double box syphon, i saw it on a website. but thank you very much for all the pictures! =D ill start a thread once i start mine i just need to build a stand first.

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one more question. whats the flow rate on your pump?

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Im glad i could help out in some way :D

Protien Skimmer: Coralife super skimmer 65 (really good, popular, and no problems :D)

Pump: Quiet One 2200 @ 580 gph

:D, pump also comes with alot of stuff, nothing the pump comes with do i have installed though lol....but it comes with many filters...which i shoulda kept and installed woulda helped alot with sand and all ...... but then again i get more critters from the sump to the tank for feeding this way ha
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GradyBaby16's Avatar one posted so i decided to stop being lazy and read up on bubble algae.....lucky me found out that if you pop them or scrape them you just make it spread like wild fire....and of course i read this 5 min after i just got finished popping one n scraping some off the rocks :( hey but lemon juice worked for the other things...and as i looked i had about 3 baby ones coming....ended up using a turkey needle thing and they died and as i attempted to remove they basically like bursts and all this stringy stuff came i only removed one and left the rest since there dead nothing should happen right?

OK back to bubble algae.....i once upon a time had 3 emerald crabs....two medium sized and one small that was missing and arm...........for some mysterious reason the only one that survived is the one armed one (the weaker one) they were only in there because i had one of them as a hitchhiker (as u can c in beginning pics in cooler" so i bought more......

now it says only way to remove bubble algae
1) boil rocks (im not going to do this what so ever, i have fish and lobsters which stay in the rock even when i removed the rock out the tank for aqua-scaping they stayed in the rocks so i had to place the rocks in a Styrofoam cooler with water, as well as muscle/clam looking things which cant move, coralline, small critters, and coral) so none the less boiling is out of the option

2) emerald crabs (only option really,,,,, OK so Ive heard emeralds crabs are very problematic and some will actually eat everything in your tank but bubble algae :/ as well as corals and things, my biggest question is will they eat and destroy my rock/flower anemone, palythoas, or frogspawn coral in the process" and its like i found this info out just in time because just the other day i saw my emerald go from the rock on the far left and make a journey to the rock all the way on the other side of the tank, which is very devoted imo....and ended up at my frogspawn :/ i was hoping he was just hiding under them he better not be messing with them)

i would really like to know as i plan to purchase may b 3 of these today online somewhere....if its no real problem and they'll eat the bubble algae and then go onto other things thats OK cuz ill just throw em in my sump

i also would like to know a good cuc setup for my tank....

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ah nevermind........cuc is lke ova $50...cuz im tryna get snails, hermits, 2 emerald and may b 1 cleaner....the bubble algae can grow for another month ha...not that pressed on it.....
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