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I orginally thought that the Corner 5 would suck with a saltwater use, which was the reason why I didn't want to do it in the first place. But I started reading things about this exact tank as use for SW, and people have had it work out well. I want this to be my..."starter" tank. I really can't upgrade to anything untill May, and I could then get a Bio Cube, Nano Cube, or Aquapod then. I want to see how this goes.

Well, I picked up a Powerhead today from the LFS. The Korilla (Something similar to that) Hydor Powerhead 1. I checked out almost all of thier livestock, and it has a lot. Couldn't find the lighting I wanted, so I will probably order that online.

I think I might take out the filter compartment. More space, and I will have "nature's filter." I read an article on that, and it said as long as you have a good Powerhead and do regular WC's, a filter isn't needed. Thoughts?
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Ok, I have thought about some new things:

Lighting. I plan on using two of these: (The Galaxy II). Each one is 13W. I might replace the bulbs with Coralife 50/50, Not sure.

So I have narrowed it down to 2 different filters. Whisper 10i or Penguin 100. Thoughts? I might use some miny HOB filter if I can find one. I would prefer a HOB, even thugh Whisper isnt one. If I got the penguin, I would take out the Bio-wheel and replace the filter cartridge with LR rubble.

This won't have a top
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