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Beginner Questions / Checking

This is a discussion on Beginner Questions / Checking within the Nano Reef forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> OK, so a quick update. The tank is up and running, the sand storm is gone and my cat has attempted to get into ...

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Beginner Questions / Checking
Old 02-14-2012, 07:14 PM   #21
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OK, so a quick update.

The tank is up and running, the sand storm is gone and my cat has attempted to get into the tank (she was after the string from my algae cleaner which I accidentally left in the tank and was blowing in my powerhead current!)

OK, now the serious stuff..

I tested the water today and was seeing very little ammonia and off the scale nitrites and 20ppm Nitrates...just wanted to check to see if that should be the case...bear in mind I only have 2.5lbs of fully cured live rock and 40lbs of dry base rock, as well as live sand.

I do not have the calcium and alkalinity tests as the place I ordered them from sent me iodine and magnesium tests instead....awaiting a reply as to whether or not I have to return them...fingers crossed not as they cost a lot...maybe they will be nice because of their error.

Should I be doing water changes now? I have about 15 gallons of ro/di water made but no salt mix mixed. Been topping off with that to replace evaporated water and lower the SG slightly as well was 1.028 now 1.026 and stable. Might be slightly off as I am using a swing arm hydrometer and not the refractometer which was missed off my order as well.

Sump is all complete, awaiting the silicone to cure on the baffles...I am doing a DIY overflow but in my stupidity glued the T-piece from the return line / return to sump line, the wrong way round..basically rendering the overflow useless with no way to fix it other than start again.
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Old 02-15-2012, 08:45 AM   #22
Right on, hellofa start!!! Your numbers are good. No worries there.
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Old 02-15-2012, 09:19 AM   #23
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Thanks again for the response.

In anticipation of actually being directed to that article (which I had bookmarked before posting the question), I have salt mixed and will be ready for tonight when I do my "water change Wednesday" on my freshwater tanks and now my saltwater tank . I just wanted to check an make sure everything was good.

Just got an email back, BONUS due to the error from the online order, I get to keep the iodine and magnesium tests..they asked if I wanted to return them and get a small credit since they missed items off or keep them...that was a no brainer really. Rest of the stuff is coming UPS today at no extra charge to me..I only paid for standard Canada Post shipping.
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Old 02-15-2012, 06:18 PM   #24
Gotta love when that happens.
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Old 02-16-2012, 11:10 PM   #25
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Am looking to see if this is a good CUC for the tank.

Am thinking:

Nassirus Snails
Red legged Hermit crabs or Scarlet Reef hermits
Peppermint shrimp or scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp

Can you let me know about numbers and if I should be adding anything still some way off finishing cycling but want to get as much planned in advance.

Stock am looking at a clown fish pair (LFS always has tiny ones which I plan on getting) and probably a coral beauty angel.

Anything else that I could consider and do research on before getting them?

Am looking at having corals and probably a anemone at some point once the tank has had time to mature a bit. Lighting is not a problem (Quad T5HO), so would want reef safe stocking suggestions.

Sump which I mentioned is also a 29g tank, so anything I might be able to add to the fuge as well? I am looking at live rock and chaeto at the moment, though am open to suggestions,

Thanks in advance once again.
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Old 02-17-2012, 08:32 AM   #26
10-15 Nass Snails
5 Turbo Snails
10-15 Bumble Bee Snails
10-15 Scarlet Hermits
10-15 Red legged Hermits
5 or so Shrimp
Sounds ideas for the sump/fuge. Cheato and Rock are a thumbs up
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Old 02-17-2012, 08:37 AM   #27
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Thank you.

So I would be looking at all of them for the CUC?

to the links as well.
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Old 02-17-2012, 04:59 PM   #28
Yea, I would throw them all in there. That will mix it up for you.
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Old 02-18-2012, 09:27 AM   #29
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astrea ( will die if upside down in sand )
nerite ( will enjoy crawling out of the tank )
turbo ( large and will knock over coral frags )

im sure there are more but these are all good snails to keep. i personally keep a mixture of the list. i think bumble bee snails will eat meat and might be predadory? i always avoided them. i also tend to avoid crabs as they seem to eat what they feel like clawing and for me, this includes hermit crabs. i have found they like to rip snails from their shells only to find out they dont like that shell even with extra shells in the aquarium. i like my snails better and that just how i personally run my tanks. i am actually considering just 1 single hermit, and that would be the scarlet reef hermit.

then you can add things like skunk/fire cleaner shrimp, which arnt much of cleaners of the tank. they do scavange and will pick at fish, pistol shrimp which wont stray far from its home, possibly at night to search for food, peppermint shrimp which some claim eat aiptasia, most dont. camel shrimp which i think can nip corals? coral banded shrimp which to me appears more lobster-ish and can be nasty. and theres a few other shrimp choices. no mantis shrimp unless species only tank.
eventually a cucumber isnt a bad idea either. i suggest a sand shifting one. i think i would avoid starfish and urchins, atleast for now.

a good natural part of your cuc will be pods, bristle worms, spaghetti worms and im sure other good hitchhikers. there are def. bad ones as well.
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Old 02-18-2012, 07:35 PM   #30
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Thanks for all the responses, I was having a look at the tank today and am now in the process of ordering a new protein skimmer, the cheap freebie I got died (visi jet), it is not pumping water at all.

Sump is all built and will be filled once the extra RO/DI water is made tomorrow and I have the SG and temp dialed in.

Because I factored in the purchase of a Coralife 65g Skimmer and now heading towards a AquaC Remora Nano, as I have seen mixed reviews of the Coralife...any suggestions?... bearing in mind it will be going in the sump as I am trying to remove as much as I can from the tank excluding the powerheads and DIY overflow. Sump baffles are at 10" from a total height of 15"...

I was doing some research and I think I will just do the snails and a few scarlet reef hermits with the skunk/fire shrimps as I like them.

Stock am pretty much sorted...(to finally be decided)
2 Clownfish - certain
Coral Beauty Angel
Mustard Guttatus Tang - yeah right!
Royal Gramma Basslet

Will be getting the test kit tomorrow or Monday, so will be able to finally see how things are going in the cycle.
Previous test was from a friends test kit.

Last time I did a saltwater tank, was a 300g and setup professionally...very easy maintenance. Had a ton of stuff in it, sadly all went to the great aquarium in the sky as my home was invaded and they smashed the tank.
I came home to 300g of water all over the floor and everything dead. Only thing which survived was a few crabs and a yellow tail damselfish (had to put it down as it was cut badly but still alive)

I actually had a Mustard Guttatus Tang in the tank which I caught myself in Fiji ( I lived in Australia at the time).

Really appreciate the help from you guys, start off small and work up to a massive tank down the road again...couldn't get my heart off not starting another saltwater tank with a spare 30g I had lying around from my freshwater setups. Things have changed so much since I had my big tank.
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