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Originally Posted by teddyzaper View Post
i was a bit tired when i wrote the last post so please ask if you are confused about it, cause i know i am XD

So i think ive come to a conclusion on what fish i want (possible stocking list)

Fish/corals/inverts i want:
pair of skunk clowns or clarki (unless they dont host anemone, if they dont something that will)
3-4 bengai cardinals
3-4 purple firefish
1 anemone (probably a carpet since my lfs will split it and give me $20 for half)
assorted brain coral
hopefuly some acropa sp. when my tnak becomes stable (after maybe 6 months of stability)
green or red mushrooms
MAYBE some species of scroll
Skunk cleaner shrimp

CUC (what would i need for a 40 gallon long and does a sump need a CUC?)

Is this to much to hope for, can i add more ( i dont think so).
That is way too much population of fish for a 40 gallon tank. Stocking a marine tank is a lot different than stocking a freshwater tank for many reasons. As for the splitting of an anemone... I'm wondering how they propose to do that without killing it?
Your thoughts of carpet anemone, sebae anemone, etc. I am afraid you're going to be very disappointed because none of those species of anemones is suitable for a small tank. These anemones grow absolutely huge and would need well over 100 gallons for just 1 of them.

Also, your desire for 6 - 8 fish in a marine system... also going to need a much larger tank.

Is there any way I can talk you out of putting the refugium in the sump? With something of that size especially, you're only going to cause yourself and your animals a world of problems by attempting to put the refugium into the sump.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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well do you think i can just ditch the firefish and have 4 bangaii cardinals and a pair of clowns?

if you cut the anemone down the center exactly half it will regrow, ive seen it done at the store and a week later came back and both were alive and half healed, came back in 2 months and they are 100% recovered and one is naturaly splitting.

If you insist that i dont put the refuge in the sump i simply wont do a big sump, maybe 5-10gallons, just enough for heater and skimmer and some other stuff, then i will have a 10-20gallon refuge in line with it and a 5 gallon auto top off system (found a cool way to do it with a float switch and a pump)

Also, ive been thinking and maybe i could ditch the clowns and just have 3 firefish and 3 cardinals, would this be possible?

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