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Your sand bed need to be less than 1 inch or more than 4.
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Why is that?
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For proper denitrification, a sandbed of 4-6" is required. Only at that depth does the proper denitrifying bacteria grow. This is a level of very low oxygen levels where anaerobic bacteria grow.

Less than 1" is because any more than that (between 1-4") will become a detritus trap, an will result in higher nitrate and phosphate levels in the tank.
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Okay then I think i will go with 5" instead. How many punds of live rock will I need for 5"? Is there a rule like 1lb per gallon= 1 inch of sand?
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measure how many bags it takes to get to the first inch. multiply that by four to figure out how many more you will need.
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I was just at my LFS and I saw some clowns, a coral banded shrimp and an orange spotted goby. That's not all I saw, it's just the ones on my list. They also had firefish in a display setting. Oh and they had hermit crabs, snails and cleaner shrimp. They also had lots of corals but I don't know which ones are which, so I just somewhat ignored them. The orange spotted goby was gorgeous, I think that is what I will go with. I was surprised at how small the hermit crabs were, they were so cute, except they will attack the snails so I probably shouldn't keep them right?

They also had a huge tank with mantis shrimp. I thought people usually try to get rid of mantis shrimp, but I guess not everyone. They had some fancy live rock for 11$/lb and they had normal live rock for 9$/lb. I am planning on getting 10 lbs of live rock, 5 lbs of base rock and they sold low light corals (polyps, mushrooms and others) on small pieces of live rock. I think I will add those if I do upgrade lighting and add corals.
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Sounds like a plan!
What's the difference between "fancy" live rock, and live rock? My LFS has different live rock from different areas of the world, but they all cost the same.
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They weren't actually called fancy live rock. It was like live rock from fiji or some island, but it was just more expensive, more colorful and it had some small mushroomy things on it so I decided to call it fancy live rock.

I was looking through some members saltater aquariums and I noticed that alot of people have snails and hermit crabs. Are there some snails that don't get attacked by hermits or is there something I can do to keep them both in the same aquarium?

PS At the LFS I saw two sea hares and they were so gross. It was big and slimy and warty but beautiful in it's own respect... but still gross... Just wanted to let you guys know :)
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I have noticed a few things and have come up with a few questions:

If the sand bed needs to be 4-6" I think I will go with 4" because my tank is only 12" tall, so I think the least amount of sand will be better. What do you think about a 4" sand bed?

I read more about different species and I read that hermits can cause problems and so I have revised my stocking list:
- 2 ocellaris clownfish
- 1 neon goby
- 1 cleaner shrimp
- 2 cerith snails
- 2 nassarius snails
- 1 colony of polyps
- 1 colony of zoas
- 1 kenya tree
- 1 xenia
- 1 green fluorescent mushroom

Again, all corals will only be in the aquarium if proper lighting is used.

I will add the snails as needed.
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Old 05-16-2010, 11:39 AM   #40
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So.. are you getting anywhere with your project yet???
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