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  1. ANHEL123
    10-19-2013 10:15 PM - permalink
    About filter for your 3 gall tank sorry i don't like filters. So i am no advice here. I don't think the filter will make any diffirence in his health. How much water changes you do with a filter?
    Also make sure you swish/rinse the filter media with every water change because it will gather a lot of gunk and can also make him sick.
    Don't forget to remove carbon from the filer when you use that Immune bust.
  2. ANHEL123
    10-19-2013 10:14 PM - permalink
    i posted the link in the tread where you ask advice on fish immune booster and i ask veggiegirl to give advice on that. I dont know if you need to use it on regular basis . I also texted someone else for advice on that.
    The catappa leaves is the same as indian almond leaves and a lot of people recommending it on this forum so its a good to have them . Just rinse before you use it.
    It so difficult to distinguish the fungus from slime coat. But fungus usually white fuzzy cottony patches on the body. Slime coat is usually on the edges just like you saying he has. And slime more clear and slimy looking.
    That stuff '' fish immune Boost '' saying its treats fungus so i guess continue but don't overdose. Lets see what people think about that.
  3. Jovancheck
    10-19-2013 07:54 AM - permalink
    Yes it began with holes in his tail, and ended with what i thought was cotton fungus...His ventral fin (and dorsal just a little) was infected, and his tail...I treated him with bactopur, and it was better, then the day before yesterday i bought him a filter, and catappa leaves and something called Easy-life Voogle (it says that it is a fish life saver :)) So removed bactopur after finishing treatment, and changed water, put filter in, one catappa leaf and Voogle, and he is great now, fungus is not coming back anymore...:) Just his fins look like ripped now, but i hope it will heal too in time...:) What do you think about this? I saw some posts that reminded me of my case, but never determined if it was a slime coat, or fungus or something else..So i'm not sure either :)
  4. ANHEL123
    10-18-2013 09:01 PM - permalink
    Thank you very much for your friendship !!! How is your fish doing? I just saw your last post you had a problem.
  5. ANHEL123
    09-12-2013 09:53 AM - permalink
    Please wait don't log out ....
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