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Conversation Between dramaqueen and BettaGirl290
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  1. BettaGirl290
    05-26-2011 12:03 AM - permalink

    i gtg now, bye! report back in morn!
  2. dramaqueen
    05-26-2011 12:02 AM - permalink
    I'd say 2 or 3 days to see if the bloating goes down.
  3. BettaGirl290
    05-25-2011 11:58 PM - permalink
    okay, but how many? he seems to have just got it, and they put him at the back just cause he was acting weird!! >:O
  4. dramaqueen
    05-25-2011 11:56 PM - permalink
    Fasting means to not feed him for a few days. They may have overfed him at the petstore or fed him too much freeze dried food.
  5. BettaGirl290
    05-25-2011 11:51 PM - permalink
    and what is fast him up mean?
  6. BettaGirl290
    05-25-2011 11:50 PM - permalink
    a little bit.
  7. dramaqueen
    05-25-2011 11:49 PM - permalink
    If he's floating on his side at the top then he probably has swimbladder disorder. I would fast him for a few days. Does he look bloated?
  8. BettaGirl290
    05-25-2011 11:40 PM - permalink
    EMERGENCY!! i got a new fish, (HURRAH!) and he can't swim down and if he stops swimming he just lays on his side, gasping, but he follows my finger and eats, is it swim bladder?
  9. dramaqueen
    05-23-2011 06:56 PM - permalink
    I lived there for 2 .5 years when I was around your age.
  10. BettaGirl290
    05-23-2011 06:51 PM - permalink
    whoa, Whoa WHOA! you went to GERMANY???? without taking ME???? i jealous noe!

    - -
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