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Conversation Between dramaqueen and biokid101
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  1. biokid101
    11-17-2009 03:30 PM - permalink
    thats sad did it ever have babies?
  2. dramaqueen
    11-17-2009 08:09 AM - permalink
    Blue Bonnet
  3. biokid101
    11-17-2009 05:46 AM - permalink
    im so sry whoch one?
  4. dramaqueen
    11-16-2009 05:02 PM - permalink
    ok, I guess. I lost one of my fish this morning.
  5. biokid101
    11-16-2009 04:24 PM - permalink
    hey hows it going
  6. biokid101
    11-06-2009 09:25 PM - permalink
    but thats the problem i dont know what else to do with him.he doesnt like bloodworms he only likes pellets.he is not active alot.he builds bubbles but not in a bubble nest form.i have a styrofoam cup in it and a leaf i got from the comunity tank.
  7. dramaqueen
    11-06-2009 09:20 PM - permalink
    I wouldn't put the female with the male until he has a good bubblenest going.
  8. biokid101
    11-06-2009 09:10 PM - permalink
    oh it looks like there is someone under him lol.i still cant get my female and male betta to breed but i am going to leave her in there all night.there is no bubble that bad?
  9. dramaqueen
    11-06-2009 09:04 PM - permalink
    They're doing very well.
  10. dramaqueen
    11-06-2009 09:03 PM - permalink
    It looks like he was blowing bubbles. No he's not spawning.
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