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  1. dramaqueen
    02-09-2010 09:38 AM - permalink
    Are you guys getting more snow today? We're really getting it. We may get 10 inches. Ugh!! I HATE snow!!
  2. dramaqueen
    01-27-2010 06:34 PM - permalink
    He'll be thinking "what do you mean by putting me in this box while you're feeding the other guy? No fair! "
  3. dr2b
    01-27-2010 06:32 PM - permalink
    Yup, I have a feeling I will have a mad boy hehe.
  4. dramaqueen
    01-27-2010 06:17 PM - permalink
    Hahaa. That's probably a good idea.
  5. dr2b
    01-27-2010 06:12 PM - permalink
    So I decided to finally buy a breeders box for Flair so the pleco can eat his food lol.
  6. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 10:53 PM - permalink
    Well, my neighborhood is almost like a small town in some ways. There are 80 units (condos) and there are SOME nice older people who are really nice but most of them are mean and nasty. I had one woman, whose husband had come home from the hospital and I thought I'd be nice and ask how he was doing. She says to me in a nasty tone of voice "he's HOME!" How about "he's home now and doing fine. Thanks for asking. "
  7. dr2b
    01-05-2010 10:47 PM - permalink
    Oh the days of junior high and high school. I don't miss them! :) I like how in my town (which is a lot of older people since we are a small town) they like to talk to you and act like your friend and then after you leave they talk about you behind your back. My grandma and her friends are really bad about this one. I guess it is just a common theme in smaller country towns?
  8. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 10:42 PM - permalink
    Even at church activities you can't sit where you want because you always hear "this seat's saved for so and so. "Or one day they're talkking to you and the next day they're not.I got enough of that stuff in high school. (I hope I'm not offending any junior high school kids out there.
  9. dr2b
    01-05-2010 10:36 PM - permalink
    Aww older people crack me up lol. I find some of the things they do so amusing. When you say they act like junior high kids, I think of the video by Good Charlotte called The Anthem.
  10. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 10:33 PM - permalink
    Yeah, there are a lot of older people who act like junior high school kids. There is a clique here and they are not nice people. One of them is on the homeowners' association board and she has been trying to get something going with this new man who moved into the neighborhood. lol! He's on the board, too! Hew lost his wife a few years ago and still wears his wedding band.
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