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  1. dramaqueen
    02-09-2010 06:45 PM - permalink
    We've got about 6 inches now. We just had a snowplough clean our street. This bad weather has cost our homeowners' association quite a bit of money this yeaar.
  2. dr2b
    02-09-2010 06:43 PM - permalink
    Let me know how it turns out! Ugh we've already got a few inches on the ground. It can stop any time! :)
  3. dramaqueen
    02-09-2010 06:35 PM - permalink
    I think I WILL tell them I'll take my business elsewhere if they won't work with me. It would be nice if Office Depot would match the price. Maybe they will to get my business.
  4. dr2b
    02-09-2010 05:11 PM - permalink
    I'd do both. Or you could talk to the manager and say you will take your business else where if they don't work with you. They wouldn't want to lose business lol.
  5. dramaqueen
    02-09-2010 04:39 PM - permalink
    We're going to call the store annd speak to the manager. I thought about going to Office Depot to see if they had one like it and if they do, if they'll match the price.
  6. dr2b
    02-09-2010 04:33 PM - permalink
    I think they should give you one of the ones for $100 off when they get more in. It's only fair if you don't take the sign down after out of stock. Of course, I would have put up a fight for that :)
  7. dramaqueen
    02-09-2010 03:25 PM - permalink
    We did go out to the store yesterday. I went to Office Max expecting to buy a laptop that they had advertised $100 off. They didn't have them in stock! They still had the cards that you take to the cashier if you want to buy one. If they don't have them, they should have put up a sign saying they were out of stock! Thats false advertising. Sorry for the rant. lol
  8. dr2b
    02-09-2010 03:17 PM - permalink
    Same. I haven't been anywhere since last Thursday. I'm getting a major case of cabin fever!
  9. dramaqueen
    02-09-2010 03:10 PM - permalink
    Its really starting to depress me.
  10. dr2b
    02-09-2010 02:50 PM - permalink
    Ugh sadly yes we are. They are calling for up to 18 inches here. I am sick of it. 30 inches was enough this weekend.
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